Top Ten Weirdest Websites

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Posted on January 8th, 2008

The term “weird” is rather subjective and relative, because a weird thing, event, or behavior may be the norm to someone else. In the past, weird things were more of a taboo and often not spoken about outside of a society. Now, thanks to the Internet, where geographical limitations and boundaries disappear, weird stuff has popped up all over the place as the Internet has become a haven not only for odd or eccentric people, but for curious people as well.

Weird stuff is not bad; in fact, to many people, weird things are rather entertaining, amusing, or arouse curiosity. If you are one of the many who loves weird stuff, check out this list of the weirdest websites on the net.

1. Weird Encyclopedia

If you are looking for a website with lots of collections of weird things, events, and stories, Weird Encyclopedia is the best place to explore. The website may seem rather simple in terms of its layout, but once you read the contents, you will forget the site’s 90s design. The site has countless explanations of paranormal experiences and occurrences like UFOs, vampires, ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster, and even Bigfoot. There is also a “True Stories” section there where people can submit their own weird personal experiences.

Weird Encyclopedia website
The weird encyclopedia website front page

2. Bash My Ex Dot Com

There are quite a number of people who had trouble with their former partners, and therefore bash them through this website. It is quite entertaining to see names of people who you may or may not know, plus contact information, who have done something bad enough to make their former partner post information about them for all to see. If you have a really bad ex, and you want to find a way to get even, go to this website and join the bashing. You can also post a picture on the site as well.


Break is an online video streaming website somewhat similar to YouTube, only much more focused on certain topics or genres. Just like YouTube, users are allowed and encourage to upload videos (even their own) that are rather strange and funny. Accidents, bloopers, crazy tips, and much more can be found in this website. Once you watch one video on this site, you might have difficulty stopping. A word of warning, though: don’t check out this website when at work, unless you have time to spend several hours watching videos.

Break dot com website
The break dot com website front page

4. Deathclock

This site is creepy but quite amusing to people who want to know when they are going to die. Deathclock asks for basic information like your date of birth, age, BMI (Body Mass Index), gender, and if you are a smoker or not. Based on this data, it “calculates” the day you are supposed to die. The result appears in a small pop-up window that has a cute little counter that counts how many seconds you have left. Obviously this is not a real death clock because nobody knows when you will really pass away. It’s just odd and entertaining to watch how may seconds you have left.

Death Clock website
The Death Clock website front page

5. Area 51 New Mexico

This is one weird humor website that contains various things that many will find weird yet funny. If you’re bored on a Sunday afternoon, this is a great website to explore to find wacky and outrageous things to do.

6. The Flat Earth Society

At first, you may think this website is an elaborate joke, but after reading through their forums, you will find out that the majority of the members there really believe that the earth is flat. Talk about weird people. The Flat Earth Society is a group of serious individuals that firmly believe that the earth is not an oblate spheroid, but a flat world. They say that photographs of the earth from space are simply made using a computer, and that NASA conspires with the US government, as well as other organizations around the world. If you believe the world is flat, or you just want to test your debating skills by proving the earth is round, join this website’s forum and have fun proving your point.

Flat Earth Society website
The flat earth society website front page


Do you think you have a really tough stomach? If you think you can handle anything edible without throwing up, then you should check out Wild Recipes, a website that contains weird or gross concoctions that people there claim to be edible. The recipes on that site are real, and real people actually eat them. To put your stomach to the test, find a recipe to try for yourself.

Wild Recipes website
The wild recipes website front page

8. Totally Absurd Inventions

If you have lots of time to spare, take some time on Totally Absurd Inventions and browse through oddest and weirdest inventions ever made. The website actually catalogs each and every weird invention or patent, including the most recent ones. It also has an archive worth spending time exploring if you are really on the verge of going nuts due to chronic boredom.

Totally Absurd Inventions website
The totally absurd inventions website front page

9. Authority for Universe Ownership

If you ever wanted to own a parallel universe, then go to this website and buy your “deed” to your own customized universe. The site claims you can make your own universe however you want it to be. To own a universe, you can purchase the deed for only $19.99. Surely you won’t take this deed seriously, right? It just makes a pricey prank or gift to someone.

Authority for Universe Ownership website
The authority for universe ownership website front page

10. The Duct Tape Guys

Duct tape is all the rage for these guys, since they use duct tape on almost everything. If you have rolls of duct tape in your home or office and you are wondering what else you can use it for, this website will surely show you the millions of ways you can use duct tape. From prom dresses to Post-it replacements, go nuts over suggestions and crazy ideas to do with that duct tape you have.

Duct Tape Guys website
The duct tape guys website front page


These weird websites are a welcome part of the Internet jungle. Everybody has their own weirdness, or at least a curiosity of the weird, making these websites reminders that you are not alone in this weird world.

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