For The Bride: Top Ten Love Songs You’ll Want To Hear When You Say

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Posted on January 6th, 2008

Wedding Day
Loving You for Life

Your fiancé has finally proposed! You’re all lit up with excitement, and you can’t wait to tell all your friends and relatives. You start to daydream about the wedding. You imagine yourself wearing a long, beautiful and expensive white gown, with all the guests staring at you in adoration.

You look up and see your fiancé smiling and waiting at the end of the aisle while lovely music plays in the background–it’s your wedding song! It’s sweet, romantic and inspiring. The only question is… What song will it be?

Planning your wedding can be a tedious event, and even the smallest detail, such as the song playing in the background as you walk down the aisle, needs to be perfect. Any bride will want to remember that magical moment when she finally reaches out to her groom to guide her to the altar so that they can seal their vows.

If you’re still pondering what song you’ll want to have for your wedding, here are several famous options you can use. Take your pick and see which one suits you and your significant other.

10. Fighting For Romance: Glory of Love

Since the 1986 movie “The Karate Kid” became famous, this song has become a favorite love song for many couples. “Glory of Love” became the first hit solo single of the famous singer/songwriter Peter Cetera. It’s not very surprising; the song has lyrics that’ll make any bride swoon. If you look up to your husband-to-be as your knight in shining armor, then this song will suit you just fine.

A word of caution though, Glory of Love is a bit upbeat and sounds a bit like rock music. If you prefer a slower version, ask your wedding singer if he can belt it out a few notches lower.


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9. Going Religious: Only Hope

When Mandy Moore sang this song in the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel, “A Walk To Remember”, many people immediately fell in love with it’s beautiful melody and touching lyrics. They did not know that it was originally an acoustic Christian song, sung by the alternative rock band “Switchfoot”. Only Hope was not released as a radio single, but because of its inclusion in the movie, it quickly became popular, even as a wedding song.

Even though it’s a hymn praising God, you can still use this song for your wedding if you really like it. At least your wedding will have a more religious atmosphere. Besides, it sounds romantic anyway.


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8. Reminiscing Your Love: Somewhere In Time

Remember that captivating 80’s movie with the same title, where Christopher Reeves traveled back in time to find Jane Seymour, his true love? Well, this is the tune from that film, and if you loved it, then you will surely like it for your wedding song.

“Somewhere In Time” was composed by John Barry and won the 1980 Saturn Award for Best Music. It was also given a Golden Globe nomination for Best Musical Motion Picture Score.

You and your significant other may not have time-traveled and met in the past, but you’ll relive the magic and joy when you found each other as you listen to this beautiful song. You’ll love its haunting, but sweet melody. It’ll be perfect as you walk down the aisle.


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7. Seeing Love: Looking Through The Eyes Of Love

If you’re looking for a slow, romantic song for your wedding, this will probably suit you well. At first, it may seem like the song of a broken-heart, but if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll see that it’s about finding and discovering what true love is about.

“Looking Through the Eyes Of Love” was sung by Melissa Manchester. You might find the melody of this song a bit slow. Ask your wedding singer if he or she can spice it up a little. If you want, you can get a choir to sing this song for you in an acapella version.


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6. A Love To Last Eternally: Endless Love

Who can forget this duet by the popular balladeers Lionel Richie and Diana Ross? Soulful and sweet, this song will set the romantic mood for your wedding. Picture yourself walking down the aisle as this song plays in the background. It’ll be so romantic as you and your sweetheart pledge your endless, undying love for each other, right at your very own wedding.


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5. Love For A Lifetime: All My Life

The English-American folk band “America” may be often mocked by critics, but no one will deny that their single “All My Life” has become a popular wedding anthem for many couples. It’s not totally cheesy, and if you listen to the lyrics, the word “love” isn’t mentioned, not even once. Even so, the song is still able to convey that amorous feeling that any person who’s in love has.

“All My Life” is a bit upbeat, so if you want a slower version, you need to arrange it with the wedding singer. Ask if he can turn it into an acoustic version.


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4. Destined Love: I Was Born To Love You

The song title says it all. You were born for each other, and there’s no changing that. If this you and your partner feel this way, you’ll find this song by Eric Carmen a wonderful choice for your wedding music.

It may sound a bit mushy at first, but if you strongly agree with love and destiny this song will sound romantic to you. It has a nice piano instrumental that’ll be perfect as you and your bridal entourage walk down the aisle.


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3. Together Through It All: After All

This is the song that plays throughout the wedding scene at the end of that1989 Robert Downey Jr. and Cybill Sheperd movie.

“After All” is a duet performed by Cher and Peter Cetera. This song will be perfect if you’re looking for a slightly upbeat song for your wedding.

You’ll definitely feel the sentiments of this song if your relationship has been through difficult times. Try to take in the music as you walk down the aisle. As you feel your happiness within, you’ll think the wedding was worth the wait.


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2. Total Submission: From This Moment On

Since its release in 1997, couples all over the world have requested this Shania Twain song at their wedding. In a survey conducted in 2006 by, this song even ranked as the third most requested song during a couples’ first dance. Of course, you can also use this for your wedding march.

“From This Moment On” is a song about total submission. The lyrics say it all. Every devoted wife or husband-to-be pledges to whole-heartedly give everything to his or her better half, and this song says everything there is to be said about that sentiment.


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1. Classic Wedding Favorite: The Way You Looked Tonight

Couples who don’t have this song played at their wedding have definitely missed out on something wonderful! Slow, sweet and romantic, this classic 1961 song has definitely made it as the most beloved request during a wedding. Whether you want it played during your first dance, or while you’re marching down the aisle, this song will definitely bring a smile (and possibly tears of joy) to your face.


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Written by Jerome Kern and with lyrics by Dorothy Fields, “The Way You Looked Tonight” has been sung by many popular artists, including Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Tony Bennett and Rod Stewart. Its melody is slightly lively, and its sweet lyrics will have you imagining your future with your sweetheart. This song will make you anticipate all the years you’ll be spending together, and make you look forward to the rest of your lives.

Whatever the song you pick, remember that it’s important that you and your beloved will have a wonderful time during your special day. A wedding is a celebration of unity, a ceremony that bonds a couple for all eternity.

As long as you both truly love each other and you’re both ready for married life, any song you pick will sound sweet and romantic. Congratulations and have a great time at your wedding!


The power of music doesn’t stop with getting married. It can come in handy in our most impassioned moments such as when we Make Love, when we Break Up with the ones we love and even when we witness the Birth Of A Generation.

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