Top Ten Creative Things To Do On Your Anniversary

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Posted on December 19th, 2007


Celebrating our anniversary
Anniversaries are momentous days for couples to celebrate their love. It is the highlight of what has been another year together in a journey through thick and thin. Many couples strive to make the best out of their special anniversary day, although others treat it like any normal day. No matter how a couple celebrates, one thing should be celebrated, and this is the couple’s love for each other.


Many people take things for granted, but there are some things that cannot be left unnoticed. Anniversaries are one of the few things that are worth taking time to celebrate. Celebrating these days is not for show but for the essence of togetherness. If you aspire to have a lasting relationship with your partner, never take your anniversary day for granted—unless you both agree to not celebrate it. Remember, there are many ways to celebrate your anniversary. Below is a list of the top ten creative things you can do on your anniversary.


1) Where It All Began: Visit Your First Date Venue


First Date Venue
Their first date venue
Most couples feel nostalgic and dreamy when asked about their first date with their beloved. First dates are memorable as they mark the beginning of a future love shared. Why not capitalize on these special memories and turn it into a grand anniversary celebration? Return to the place where you and your special one first dated, whether it be a restaurant, a park, or a shop. The return to the spot where you first had a romantic moment together is like taking a walk down memory lane.


2) Say I Love You Forever By Renewing Your Vows


Renewing vows
Giving their sweet vows
Nothing’s sweeter than seeing a couple tying the knot—both looking at each others’ eyes intently, hearts pounding with love. It is even sweeter to see a couple renewing their vows. After years of being together, you think they have seen enough of each other; retying the knot seems unnecessary, but if you and your partner cannot get enough of each other, and you feel like everyday is a honeymoon, renewing your vows is the perfect way to say ‘I Love You’ over and over again.


3) Travel Forever With a Time Capsule


Making a time capsule for you and your partner is a sweet and romantic demonstration of your shared future. Imagine the strength of the emotions you will feel by opening something both of you agreed to save.

Time Capsule
Lovers time capsule
To make a time capsule, write something for your partner, or create a trinket or any keepsake, agree to a future anniversary when you will both open the package. Put the object in a safe place until the agreed upon anniversary date comes, and then open it together. Be sure to set a realistic and reachable time period to make the wait more exciting.


4) Away From It All: Weekend Away For Two


A life together can sometimes be stressful for a couple, especially when problems abound. With all the hassles of living a busy lifestyle,

Together in a beach
it is a luxury to be able to relax with a loved one, soaking up the simple pleasures life can give. For couples who already have children, relaxation is sometimes close to impossible. For your anniversary, why not set a date for you and your partner to get away from all the demands of a hectic schedule? A weekend getaway to some exotic place is enough, but a whole week is even better. Of course, this depends on your budget as well.


5) Preserve Your Love: Start a Memory Album


For the creative types, making a memory album is more like a labor of love than a tedious project.

Memory album
Viewing their photo album
It may seem hard to create a memory album, but it is in fact, quite easy. All that you need is an album to stick you memories in and, of course the memories to stick in the album. The memories can be in the form of a picture, an anecdote, a tissue paper from your dinner together or a receipt from a purchase made with your partner—the options are endless. Be as creative as possible with the album; let the memories take over so you can design the album with love. Start collecting early so by the time your anniversary is near, you will already have an album-full of memories.


6) Making Something Together


Cooking their favorite dish
The idea of creating something with a partner is wildly exciting for some people. Engaging in a shared activity, such as doing charity work, or cooking, or dancing is fun. The memories you get from doing the activity are priceless, bonding you together even closer. For the activity, think of something that both you and your partner can enjoy doing.


7) You Are Worth All the Jewels in the World


Gift giving
The first hour of the day
Gift giving for an anniversary is overrated to many people, especially those on the practical side. The image of a box of luxurious chocolates, a bouquet of expensive flowers, and a velvet jewelry box, is unnecessary for many people. For some people, however, gift giving for an anniversary is still something to look forward to. It does not matter what the gift is and how much it costs. What matters is the thought that went with it. So if you are in search for the perfect gift for your partner on your anniversary, look for one that has more meaning than monetary value.


8) Counting Down the Days Till I Can Kiss You


Giving my love a surprise
Plan your anniversary celebration weeks or even months in advance to make the celebration grander. One way to make it more extravagant without actually spending much is to surprise your partner with little things each day until the actual date of your anniversary. Think of the surprises that will touch or surprise your partner. Make it more romantic by doing the daily countdown for the corresponding number of years you have been together. For example, if you have been together for five years, you can do the daily countdown for five days; ten years for ten day, and so on.


9) I Love You More Each Day


Spending a quiet night with a loved one is an experience that nothing else matches.

Forever in love
If you and your partner are used to going out and having dinner dates, why not stay in on your big day and spend some real quality time together? Invite your partner to sit in front of the couch with you, put on some relaxing music, and spend the night looking at each other. Try to find all the visible changes in each other, from hair color to body size, since the first day you have been together. Say the changes in a nice way, however, or you might end up ruining your anniversary night. With a bottle of wine, some good food, and each other’s company, your night is set to be an unforgettable one.


10) I Promise Thee My Labor of Love


Labor of Love
Putting a nail polish
Many people know that domestic bliss can drain out the passion and romance in any relationship. Settling down with a family of your own can get in the way of romance. There are many ways to restore passion and magic, and one of them is promising undying love to your partner through labor. Please your partner by promising to do the dishes, or the laundry, for one whole week until your anniversary day. Think of something you can pledge, but limit it to what you can actually do. Otherwise, there is no sense to making a promise.


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