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Posted on December 23rd, 2007

tv family
The family that watch together stays together

The family has been depicted in television countless different times. Lovable, crazy, funny and insanely hilarious are just some of the words that best describe TV families.

Through the power of television, we have seen how important and how different each family could be. From the crazy Simpson family to the sweet Camdens family, these TV families seem to, in a way, depict different qualities of our own families. This is perhaps one reason why we love family shows. Here is a top ten list of the most popular television families.

10. The Camden Family

Who in the world could forget the loveable and tightly knit Camden family?

From the TV series “7th Heaven,” we saw how Reverend Eric Camden, his wife Annie, and their seven children, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, and the twins Sam and David, struggled to stay united despite the different hurdles they encountered.

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What is good about this show is that it thrives to show moral lessons as well as controversial issues that families often deal with. This includes addiction, alcoholism, drugs, premarital sex and homosexuality. Each family member also reflects certain qualities that would remind you of a member of your own family as they go about facing the situations they get into.

9. The Sheffield Family

You’d probably imagined the high pitched voice of Fran Fine saying: “oh, Mr. Sheffield” when you saw the family ranked at number 9. This line is probably one reason why the family in the hit TV series “The Nanny” remains one of the most popular TV families of all time.

The Sheffield family consists of Maxwell Sheffield, Maggie, Brighton, Grace and even Niles (that lovable butler), and their proper lives are turned around when the nanny Fran came onto the scene. Each family member displayed a distinct character which made this TV series a big hit.

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8. The “Malcolm in the Middle” Family

malcolm in the middle
The Family cast of Malcolm in the Middle

Hal, Lois, Reese, Francis, Dewey and Malcolm form the wacky family on show “Malcolm in the Middle.” Each character is fueled by a certain craziness and uniqueness. Hal, the head of the family, is shown in several episodes as a rebel and a troublemaker, but he also shows his soft side whenever he engages in his interests, like roller skating or hair cutting. Then, there is his wife Lois, who is much stricter than Hal when it comes to bringing up the kids.

The children also displayed unforgettable personalities. Francis played the role of the trouble maker; Reese, the dumb brother; Malcolm, the intelligent brother; and Dewey, the youngest child who is well-known for his high pitched screams and tantrums.

7. The Ricardo Family

The family of the 50s sitcom “I Love Lucy” lands in the seventh place on the list. The two main characters of the show are Lucy Ricardo, a plain housewife, and Ricky Ricardo, who is a singer and band leader. Together they create a fantastic duo. The combination of laughter and stiffness in this family shows certain aspects of a family life.

It is even evident in the program’s theme song: “I love Lucy and she loves me, we’re happy as two can be. Sometimes we quarrel, but then how we love making up again.”

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6. The Foremans

Composed of the characters of Eric Foreman, Red and Kitty, this family will surely make you roll with laughter. Through their jokes and humor, the Foremans tackled issues like sex, virginity, teenage life and even politics in their daily interactions.

One reason why this family landed on the sixth spot is that each family member showed funny characteristics and distinct personalities. Red, for example, shows that he is powerful and harsh. This is, however, complemented by the sweetness of his wife Kitty.

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5. The Salingers

Do you remember the 90’s series “Party of Five?” The Salingers are composed of Bailey, Charlie, Julia, Claudia and Kirsten. This family proved to us that siblings could also be called a family, even without the presence of their parents.

The Salinger siblings made us shed copious tears as they struggled to grow up normally even though they were orphaned at a young age.

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4. The Tribbiani Family

The funny character of Joey Tribbiani makes us all wonder if craziness does run in his family. Although we don’t see Joey’s family members much on the hit series “Friends,” we all know how unbelievably fun they are as a family.

In some of Joey’s stories, he tells the viewers that his family is of an Italian-American heritage. He also has eight catholic girl siblings and a dad who loves minestrone. Now imagine living with them: no wonder this family makes it to the 4th spot on our top 10 list.

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3. The Griffins

The dysfunctional family of the Griffins from the cartoon series “Family Guy” wins the third spot of our list. Who doesn’t love the members of the Griffin family? The crude yet amiable Peter Griffin heads the entire household along with his piano teacher wife Lois and their three peculiar children: Meg the unpopular teenage daughter; the unintelligent son Chris; and the diabolical infant Stewie.

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With each member interestingly different and rather weird, we can’t help but stay tuned for their next adventures.

2.The Flanders Family

the flanders
The Flanders family

Either you love them or you hate them: the butt of Homer Simpson’s jokes, the Flanders family lands the second spot.

Headed by the devout Christian father Ned Flanders, this happy, wholesome family lives right next to the Simpson’s household. Ned is married to Maude Flanders, whose main qualities are faith and chastity. The couple has two lovable sons, Rod and Todd, who are both the targets of Bart’s abuse.

What is really funny about this family is that they embody everything that the Simpsons are not. Apart from this, the Flanders just reminds us of that obnoxiously sweet next-door neighbor that makes our family look extra weird next to them.

1.The Simpsons

This list could never be complete without the circus family of the Simpsons!

The family of the Simpsons captured our hearts when they were first shown in 1989. From the first episode up until today, the Simpson family never ceases to make us laugh with each member’s bizarre qualities.

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This bizarreness is probably one reason why “The Simpsons” continues to be watched by millions of people from different parts of the world. Who is not familiar with “D’oh!”, the annoyed expression of Homer, or how about the nasty pranks played by Bart on the Flanders kids?

The Simpsons shows everyone that although the family can be a circus sometimes, it is still the place where you can be yourself.


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