Top Ten Most Relaxing Vacation Ideas for the Stressed-Out

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Posted on January 11th, 2008

Stressed out
Just Relaxing
Relaxation is not something everyone can afford these days. With all the demands of life—career, social and personal—it is hard to find time for ourselves to truly relax. Just as food and nourishment are necessary for personal growth, so are rest and leisure.

There are many things you can do to rest and relax. Relaxation comes in many forms—from not taking your work home with you, to taking a break off your busy schedule to go somewhere exotic. To celebrate all the wonderful things you can do for relaxation, here is a list of the top ten relaxing vacation ideas.

1) Go to a Spa

The Taj Spa
Going to a spa is the most relaxing vacation idea anyone can have. It does not matter if you are male or female, as the joy and benefits of getting a massage or any body treatment transcend the physical. Every stroke of the masseur’s fragrant oil on your skin is enough to calm your soul and take your mind off worries. Going to spa, however, can be expensive so be prepared to shell out a considerable amount of money.

Recommended: At least once a month, or when budget allows for it.

2) Take a Cruise

Cruise Ship
Traveling on a cruise ship is like hitting two birds with one stone: going on a relaxing getaway, and going on an adventure. You can explore sprawling seas and exotic places, but in the comfort of a cruise ship. Regardless of the cruise ship’s class, you are sure to experience tons of relaxing moments aboard the ship.

Recommended: every few years if you can afford it, or at least once in your lifetime.

3) Hit the Beach

Marari Beach in Kerala
Nothing beats the relaxing feel of the ocean breeze, and the warm glow of the sun lighting up your surroundings. Whether you like to get a golden tan; chill out on a hammock sipping some delicious fruit juice; party the night away; or engage in various water activities, such as snorkeling and diving, the beach is the perfect place to be relaxed yet in the mood for action. Alone, with your partner, in a small group of friends, or with your family, this is a sure way to relax.

Recommended: Summer is the best time to go to the beach.

4) Soak up the Culture of an Exotic Destination

Bucharest Europe
The Palace Parliament in Buchares
Immersing yourself in the culture of an exotic destination is a fun and educational vacation. Not only do you get to see the world, you also get to learn more about another culture. Choose from the warm, exotic culture of countries in Asia, to the rich, inviting culture of countries in Europe, for your ultimate vacation destination.

Recommended: at least once every few years.

5) Go Nature-Tripping

nature tripping
Visit Hopetoun Falls
Nature has so much beauty to offer to anyone who has the time to stop and look closely. So why not stop and take in the scenic wonders of nature, whether in your home country or in another country. Go on a rainforest, safari, or jungle tour, or you can smply visit the marvelous and beautiful landscapes of your own country.

Recommended: if you are in search of adventure and relaxation in one.

6) Go to a Retreat House

retreat house
Monseigneur Schrijnen Retreat House
There are many spiritual and non-spiritual retreat houses that you can visit. Retreat houses have different rules that apply to guests, such as required participation in various activities or events, while other retreat houses leave guests alone. Choose the one that will best suit your preferences, as well as your budget. Most retreat houses charge for your stay, although there are also some that only ask for a donation.

Recommended: for a little soul-searching on your vacation.

7) Visit a Theme Park

theme park
Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park
While this is not exactly very relaxing, this activity still offers you a good way to forget all your worries and enjoy yourself with your family or friends. Theme parks are a venue to release all the stress that has built up inside you. You can visit a Disney theme park, or any local theme park that has rides, booths, and other fun activities areas.

Recommended: at least once every few months.

8) Take Up a Non-Active Hobby

Plant a Tree
Did you know that gardening, knitting and crocheting can be relaxing? Psychological studies show that generally quiet activities are quite good for reducing stress. This is attributed to the peaceful nature of the activities, which are actually recommended for those who do not want to exert too much force or energy. It allows them to relax and still be as productive as when they are working.

Recommended: if you want a quiet vacation in the comfort of your home.

9) Spend Time with Your Pet

Me and my Dog
Pets are good de-stressors, especially when they are well-taken care of. Taking care of your pet dogs, cats, birds, or other pets, exotic or not, is a good way to relieve yourself of stress from the demanding human world. Enjoy yourself in the company of your pets, who can also provide you with love and understanding, and you are sure to have a wonderfully relaxing time.

Recommended: if you are an animal lover, or if you have pets that you want to focus your time on.

10) Retreat from the World

Go Camping
As it is already established that the modern lifestyle is what mostly causes stress, it is a good idea to retreat from the rest of the world. You can do this in whatever way you want, from staying in your room, or going somewhere to find alone time for yourself. This is similar to going to a retreat, only like a mini retreat from your stressful life. You can light a candle and put on your favorite record and listen to it for the whole day, and on the following day, you can lock the door to your bed and read that book you have wanted to read for months. The possibilities are endless.

Recommended: if you are just too stressed and tired to plan a vacation, or do not have the budget for one at the moment.

Choose from the suggested activities above, and start changing your stress-filled life.


* By now, you surely know the many effects of stress on health, so why not go out and smell the flowers. Escape the workaday world by exploring different tourist spots while relaxing at the same time!

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