Top Ten Paranormal Events

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Posted on January 10th, 2008

Have you experienced dreaming of something and then seeing it happen the very next day? Have you been seeing unrecognizable forms in your house? Paranormal abilities and events are actually common all over the world. There are other planes that exist that we do not know of or see. When these planes cross, paranormal activities occur.

Below are the top ten paranormal abilities and events you may have heard of, read, or experienced.

Top 10: Precognition and Postcognition

Nostradamus, the man with the gift of Precognition
Precognition is being able to know that something will happen before it actually happens. This occurs very spontaneously and randomly with people who have strong intuition. You may have flashes of images or even clear visions through your dreams, which is the most common medium for precognition. The people who are involved in some of your dreams are usually people whom you have intimate relationships with, such as your family.

On the other hand, postcognition or retrocognition is the ability to get information about past events and objects. A person can see someone’s past deeds, or in some cases, past lives. Sometimes, people recognize their past forms from before their reincarnated state.

Top 9: Astral Projection

Astral Projection
Astral Projection
Through astral projection, you can have an out-of-body experience; you can go to another place while your physical body stays in one place. This can be achieved through lucid dreaming, meditation or even in an awake state. What happens is that your spirit leaves your body and travels to the astral, spiritual or etheric plane.

Top 8: Lucid Dreaming

Have a good dream
You know you are dreaming and yet, you can control what happens in your dream. During this period, you can actually have conscious control over the sequences, environment, and even characters in your dream. You can have a romantic dinner with Jude Law or Johnny Depp. You can even fly to Paris or experience a Mediterranean cruise. Whatever you like to experience or have is up to you.

Lucid dreaming has two types: the dream-initiated lucid dream or DILD or the wake-initiated lucid dream or WILD. DILD begins as a normal dream. After some time, you realize that you are just dreaming. On the other hand, WILD happens when you go from a waking state straight to a dream state without any consciousness lapse.

If you can master this phenomenon, you’ll be able to enjoy any place, happening or occasion that you want. You’ll also be looking forward to bedtime!

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Top 7: Telepathy

Talking using telepathy
In the Marvel Comics series, Professor X has this ability called telepathy. Through Professor X’s high level telepathy, he is able to control, read, and influence the minds of people.

With telepathy, you can easily communicate with others through your mind. You can sense danger easily too. Information is transmitted through dreams, hallucinations, visions, and mental images. Sometimes, this is even possible between animals and humans.

Top 6: Mediumship

Spirit Medium
An indian spirit medium
Spirits and entities are usually contacted through a medium. This can be anyone who has the ability to ask the spirit to enter his or her body. A medium can contact the dead spirit, non-corporeal entities, nature spirits, and angels. At times, demonic entities are also called upon.

Usually, they convey conversations and messages of the entities. The medium can either speak directly or use a writing tool such as pen and paper to relay the message. This practice also involves much danger as the medium may lose control and become harmed.

Top 5: Witchcraft

Witch Kid
A witch kid
Do you want your lover to call you? Well, wait for the waxing phase of the moon and try this amazing love spell. Take separate photos of you and your lover. Then, get a paper clip and attach the two photos together with them facing each other. Take them and keep them at the bottom of your underwear cabinet or drawer. Expect your lover to call, write or appear soon.

This is just one example of easy-to-do witchcraft. This art and paranormal event is also sometimes called sorcery or necromancy. Witchcraft is the use of magical or supernatural powers to induce the effect or action you want from other people.

Some people refer to witchcraft for evil purposes. They can actually make insects appear inside their targets’ bodies. Sometimes, witches can also haunt the dreams of their targets. Stories usually depict witches to have a very pointed nose, wearing hood, and riding a broom. They are also believed to concoct potions for different purposes.

Top 4: Premonition

Final Destination
The movie poster of Final Destination, the main character had a premonition that they will all die
If you have seen the movie series "Final Destination," you surely have an idea of what a premonition is. In the box-office film, the main character has a big premonition of an impending disaster. Soon, disaster strikes and his vision of the future became a reality.

Premonition is a forecast of future events. You can have it through dreams, sudden flashes of images, as well as through feelings and intuitions. Other famous premonitions include those of Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain and Nostradamus.

Before Lincoln was shot dead, he related his dream of being assassinated to his wife and bodyguard. Meanwhile, Mark Twain foretold that the Halley’s Comet would again be seen on his death day, just as it did on his birthday. Weeks after his death, the comet appeared in 1910. Nostradamus also predicted his own death and when his tomb would be unraveled. The 2007 movie “Premonition,” which starred Julian McMahon and Sandra Bullock, was about a woman’s premonition of her husband’s death.

Top 3: Reincarnation/ Past Life/ Regression

Krishna and the 8th incarnation of Vishnu
Some people are born with a certain predisposition or tendency to go for a particular activity, hobby, likes, dislikes, and other unique characteristics.

In one rare account, a child was documented to have been born with a great desire and fascination for toy airplanes. What astounded his parents more was that at a young age, he knew the model and name of each aircraft. He said that he was a combat pilot before and he died when his aircraft was shot during the war. According to paranormal experts, he is a reincarnation of a pilot who indeed has died in a war.

Reincarnation is the rebirth of something from oneself to another body. When you die, your body decomposes but perhaps your memory, your preferences, or a part of your personality remains with someone different in another lifetime. You could have been a dog in the past life and a human in the current one, or vice versa.

One way to discover your past life is through regression. This is a kind of hypnosis where you will be asked to return to the very first memory you have and you will then be guided to explore what you are seeing.

Top 2: Extra Sensory Perception

The Sixth Sense
The movie poster for The Sixth Sense, a child with ESP
Using your five senses, you can acquire information about an event even before it happens. This is also referred to as the sixth sense. One example of extra sensory perception is clairvoyance. Unlike telepathy, clairvoyance involves no information transfer from one person to another. According to some clairvoyants, the source of the information is the spirit world.

Most people are born with the natural ability for clairvoyance. However, this wears off and disappears as you age. You begin to be more aware of the physical world instead of the spiritual one. Today, clairvoyance is used in fortune telling.

Top 1: Ghost Sightings

A ghost costume
This is the most common paranormal event there is. Many ghost sightings have been recorded and some of them have been solved. Ghosts can manifest as white ladies, phantoms, poltergeists, and alike. Usually these entities are seen in haunted houses and places where heinous crimes have been committed.

You don’t need to have a special ability to communicate with beings from the other world, though it takes a third eye ability to see them. However, in some instances, common people can feel their presence.

Ghostbusters, or paranormal experts, conduct investigation and sessions in order to speak with ghosts, especially those who are causing disturbances. With the aim of guiding them to the “light,” experts can help locate their dead bodies if they have been brutally murdered or help them accept the fact that they’re dead if they passed away because of an accident.

Some of these paranormal abilities can be learned and practiced. However, some paranormal events are hard to investigate so it is up to you if you believe in the occurrences of these paranormal manifestations.


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