Laugh, Then Follow: Top 10 Most Ridiculous Laws in the World

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Posted on January 11th, 2008

Throughout history, people create, implement and follow laws to make their everyday lives easier and more peaceful. Today, every country in the world has its own set of rules that people must live by. Failure to follow or breaking these laws may lead to certain penalties that range from a simple fine to a brutal death.

Laws are highly dependent on the culture of the jurisdiction. Laws in one country can seem absurd to others. Differences in cultures result in differences among national and state laws. History also plays a major part in the reason for the existence of some laws. Something might have happened in the past that led the lawmakers to come up with such policies. However, as times change, some laws fail to evolve and cope with people’s modern way of life. Thus, there are laws that seem absurd and utterly foolish to us.

Often, these absurd laws have obvious explanations. For example, in France, naming your pig “Napoleon” is punishable by law. This is because France is the country of the great historical figure Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon is the hero of France. That’s why for the French, it is really inappropriate to name a pig “Napoleon.” If you really love that name, reserve it for your cow.

For 12 years, chewing gum has been forbidden in Singapore. This may sound ridiculous to many but this law assures the Singaporean government of biodegradable waste reduction.

Yes, there is an explanation behind every absurd law. However, some laws just sound so foolish that when you hear them, there is no way that you won’t smile, snicker or roll on the floor, laughing to death. Here are some of those crazy laws.

10. Drown it!

Fishes inside an aquarium
Humans are playful creatures. We do a lot of funny things to other animals. If you’re in Ohio, you can still do some of the fun things you do to and with your pet. However, what you should avoid is enjoying a drink or two with your fish. In Ohio, getting a fish drunk is punishable by law. This law has kept many people around the world asking, was there ever a man who had successfully gotten a fish drunk? Come on, give those who came up with this law a break. You know, the fish might drown if it’s drunk.

Just as ridiculous: In Connecticut, a pickle must bounce to be officially declared a pickle. Otherwise, it’s not a pickle.

9. Touch it!b

A man satisfied after masturbation
In some countries, masturbation is illegal. It’s not a surprise because we know that in some religions, masturbation is a sin. Thus, many countries whose cultures are strongly tied around religion have this law. That’s why if you like touching yourself regularly, try everything not to visit these countries, especially Indonesia. In this Southeast Asian country, you will really regret doing this carnal act. Touching down there can lead to losing your head. Yep, in Indonesia, the punishment for masturbation is decapitation.

Just as ridiculous: In San Salvador, El Salvador, the punishment for drunk driving can be death by firing squad. Ooohh, Britney Spears is scared.

8. Beat it!

A man and woman fighting
A woman approaches a police officer, “Sir, my husband beat me last night.”

“Is this the first time this month that you got beaten by your man?” The officer asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Then, you don’t have a case, ma’am.”

In most parts of the world, domestic violence is unacceptable. In Arkansas, however, if you want to beat your wife, you must fix your schedule to avoid being arrested. In this state of America, you can legally beat your wife but only once a month. If you beat her twice, you’re going to jail.

Just as ridiculous: In Vermont, a woman may only wear false teeth if she has written permission from her husband.

7. Shave it!

A man with a goatee
A man wearing a goatee is arrested while driving. Confused, he asks what law has he broken because he wasn’t speeding and he isn’t drunk either. Apparently, he doesn’t have a license – a license to wear a goatee. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Massachusetts. Yes, you have to obtain a license to wear a goatee in Massachusetts. Ikf you don’t have it, then man, you’re going down.

Just as ridiculous: In Brainerd, Minnesota, the law requires every man to grow a beard (Learn how to grow a beard faster). If you have facial hair fetish, Brainerd is your heaven. Book a flight now.

6. Hold it!

A guy burping after drinking beer
In many cultures, burping is ungraceful. That’s why our parents always tell us to avoid burping in public, so as not to look embarrassing. Parents in Omaha, Nebraska should be stricter, though. In this wonderful city, burping during a church service is not just ungraceful; it is illegal. If your kid burps during the service, you may be arrested.

Just as ridiculous: In Florida, you may not fart in public after 6pm on Thursdays. If you want, just release that vicious gas on Friday.

5. Wake it!

A sleeping bear
In every list of the most-valued things, life is usually at the very top. Sleep, on the other hand, is almost always at the bottom. When does sleep seem more important than life? The answer: when you’re in Alaska. In this cold, northernmost state, shooting bears is legal. However, waking a sleeping bear just for the purpose of taking pictures is prohibited.

Just as ridiculous: From an airplane, moose may not be viewed in Alaska. Polar bears can be viewed though. Just try not to wake them.

4. Kiss it!

A lovely couple kissing
For many people, kissing is one of the most enjoyable things in the world. Some people like it fast and short. Other people like it wet and torrid. Some people like to do it all the time. Others like to do it long and passionately. If you’re the type of lover who likes kissing for a long time, don’t go to Iowa or you’ll find yourself breaking the law. In this American state, it is illegal to kiss for more than five minutes.

Just as ridiculous: In Colorado, it is illegal for men to kiss their wives on a Sunday. Try again tomorrow. (Tips on how to kiss)

3. Hide it!

Ugly Betty
Betty la fea or Ugly Betty
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They also say that a person should not be judged based on how he or she looks. However, there are some existing laws that don’t seem to follow this adage. In fact, there is a law in California stating that anyone classified as “ugly” may not walk around outside. So if you’re in California, be very, very careful. No wonder everyone is pretty in Hollywood.

Just as ridiculous: In Quitman, Georgia, it is illegal for chickens to cross the road. This is not a joke. This is serious. So if you’re a chicken, don’t you ever go shopping and wandering around the city or you will be arrested. The big question is, is it also illegal for chickens to drive a car? What happens if a chicken is arrested? Do they go to jail, too?

2. Kill it!

A Rikbaktsa archer from Brazil
In almost every culture, murder is both morally and legally unacceptable. In the city of York, however, killing someone can be legal. A Scotsman within the ancient walls of the city can be legally murdered but only if he carries a bow and arrow. If ever you will visit that area, never ever bring a bow and arrow with you or you might just get murdered. There must be a historical explanation for this. There has to be.

Just as ridiculous: It Scotland, if a person (even a stranger) knocks on your door and asks to use your toilet, you must let him or her enter.

1. Postpone it!

Parliament House
The Parliament House in Britain
In Britain, you can’t die in the House of Parliament. It is illegal. If you get assassinated inside, try your best to postpone your death and just die outside. If you’re planning to commit suicide, don’t choose the House of Parliament or you will be punished. But wait, what else can they do to you if you’re already dead? Go figure!

Just as ridiculous: Nothing can be as ridiculous as this one.

They say that every country has its share of ridiculous laws. Wherever you go, there is at least one law that will make your head spin. Some of these laws are considered “dead.” However, since they are still not officially discarded or at least, amended, their existence will remain as unbreakable laws that, in theory, must be respected and abided in.

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  1. carlos george said,

    on 2008-10-27 at 16:08:05

    I will probably lead an army of my illegitimate children and take over Alaska. After which, I will install a polar bear as puppet governor. Poor chaps!

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