Top Ten Most Popular Names In Designer Jewelry

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Posted on January 12th, 2008


Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. The alluring sparkle of diamonds and other precious stones is truly beautiful to look at (see Top Ten Most Famous Diamonds). Designer jewelry, in exquisite designs that are highly valued in the fashion industry, is the cream of the jewelry crop. These are the most expensive jewelry pieces, and only available only in limited quantities.


Although they are priced unbelievably high, designer jewelry pieces are sought after all around the world. Jewelry collectors, monarchs and members of the royalty, celebrities, socialites, and other rich people in society (read about them in the list of the Top Ten richest people in the world), all put on the most exquisite pieces of designer jewelry for everyone else to admire and envy. For everyone else who cannot afford designer jewelry, these beautiful pieces remain high on their wish list.


To celebrate the awe and envy that designer jewelry brings, below is the list of the ten most popular names in the world of designer jewelry.


1) Cartier


The most popular designer jewelry house in the world is Cartier. The company was established by the French jeweler Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, and after a few decades, has come to be the most successful jewelry house in the world. Cartier is known for many exquisitely designed pieces that have made it into fashion and history books. Examples of these are the diamond necklace created for the Maharaja of Patiala, and the first practical wristwatch, called the Santos. Cartier continues to lead in the designer jewelry industry.




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2) Tiffany & Co.


Tiffany & Co. is a US jewelry company that was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York City in 1837. Originally, Tiffany & Co. was a stationery and fancy goods store, and it was only in 1853 when the company began specializing in jewelry. Like Cartier, Tiffany & Co. has opened many stores in most major cities around the world. Aside from beautiful and highly expensive jewelry pieces, Tiffany & Co. is also popularly known for the color Tiffany Blue, which is a color trademark registered under the company’s name.




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3) Harry Winston


Another American jewelry house, the House of Harry Winston was founded in 1920 by the jeweler Harry Winston. Popular with Hollywood celebrities, Harry Winston jewelry pieces are known for their dramatic and exquisite designs. For socialites who have a taste for American jewelry designs, Harry Winston necklaces and rings are the most popular choices. Most Harry Winston necklace pieces are known for their big, chunky diamonds and other precious stones.




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4) David Yurman


David Yurman, along with his wife Sybil, founded the David Yurman jewelry company in 1979. Jewelry collections from David Yurman are popularly known for signature “cable” jewelry pieces, which are made from twisting sterling silver ropes. The jewelry house’s goal is to ultimately fuse together fashion, art, and fine jewelry. Like the other famous jewelry companies, David Yurman is popular with celebrities and socialites. Although Yurman has only been making fine jewelry for three decades, he has already established himself on the list of the more prominent jewelry designers of our time.




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5) Neil Lane


Neil Lane
A Neil Lane diamond ring
Unlike other jewelry houses, Neil Lane has already established a prominent place in the world of fine jewelry within a short span of time. Neil Lane, a native of New York, has started creating fine jewelry pieces in 1982 after completing jewelry designing courses in Paris. Neil Lane creations are popular with Hollywood celebrities and socialites who adore the designer’s iconic jewelry pieces. With all his creative jewelry pieces, Neil Lane will continue adorning red carpets in America and the world.


6) Anthony Nak


AnthonyNak Logo
The Anthony Nak logo
Anthony Nak is one of the few designer jewelry houses that are popular with more artistically-inclined jewelry connoisseurs. Established in 1999 by Anthony Camargo and Nak Armstrong, jewelry pieces from Anthony Nak collections are described as luxurious, sexy, unique, and strikingly aesthetic. Anthony Nak jewelry pieces are bold yet dainty, bright yet subtle, making them truly gems in the jewelry industry. For jewelry connoisseurs who value the combination of art and high fashion, Anthony Nak is the jeweler of choice.


7) Kenneth Jay Lane


Kenneth Jay Lane is one of the more popular jewelry designers, known for unique, non-traditional designs. Kenneth Jay Lane began his career by making baubles that were an instant hit in the American fashion world. Kenneth Jay Lane’s clientele included Jackie Onassis, Diana Vreeland, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, the Duchess of Windsor, and Barbara Bush. Today, younger stars and socialites run to Kenneth Jay Lane for beautiful jewelry pieces that are not filled with heavy drama.




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8) Alexis Bittar


Alexis Bittar
Earrings from Alexis Bittar
Alexis Bittar is one of the most innovative jewelry designers today. The designer’s collection houses creations that use hand-carved Lucite in beautiful, luminous colors. A favorite of many celebrities, Alexis Bittar’s jewelry pieces have been featured in various prominent worldwide campaigns, as well as shows. Although relatively a newcomer in the designer jewelry industry, Alexis Bittar is quickly gaining popularity worldwide.


9) Gurhan


Gurhan Logo
The Gurhan jewels logo
Another newcomer in the fine jewelry industry is Gurhan Orhan. Jewelry pieces in Gurhan’s collections are inspired by the techniques and materials from Gurhan’s ancient origins of Anatolia and Byzantium. Rich colors and exquisite design characterize Gurhan’s expensive jewelry pieces. The designer also includes various, non-traditional materials in his pieces, such as ancient coins and Phoenician beads. In all his collections, Gurhan strives to achieve a balance between contemporary and ancient beauty. Each of Gurhan’s pieces are individually designed and handcrafted.


10) Stephen Webster


Stephen Webster is one of the more popular British jewelry designers of today. Although he has been in the designer industry for less than three decades, Stephen Webster has already received numerous awards in jewelry designing, setting him above other jewelry designers of his time. One amazing piece of trivia about Stephen Webster is that he achieved and completed all his jewelry designing courses at the tender age of 16, another indication of his prominence and exceptional talent.




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For all the demands of expensive and exquisite taste, designer jewelry is the only answer. If you can actually afford expensive jewelry pieces, choose from among the top ten most sought-after designers. If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely be interested in learning how to get rid of jewelry tarnish.


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