Top Ten Most Habit-Forming Cellphone Games

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Posted on January 3rd, 2008

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Cell phones have evolved extensively from simple wireless telephones to become a complete mobile communications device. Modern cell phones feature state-of-the-art graphics and improved sound systems, integrated cameras, data organizers, and even mp3 players. There is one feature, however, that catches the attention of any game-oriented mobile phone user: cell phone games. They greatly contribute to the fun factor of your phone and ensure there’s never a dull moment with your phone around.


Some cell phone games, however, are more fun than others. These games are engaging, and even habit-forming. This top ten list shares the most addictive cell phone games out there. From puzzle games to restaurant simulations to just plain weird stuff, these games guarantee you won’t put down your phone for hours on end.

10. Zuma

Based on a popular PC game, Zuma borrows elements from other puzzle games and combines them into one original puzzler. A bizarre aspect of this game involves the use of a spitting frog. To play the game, you make the frog spit colored balls on a channel that’s being flooded by other balls. A little weird, yes, but the outcome is one downright addictive game.

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9. Tornado Mania

Combine an original idea (controlling a tornado) with some of the game features found in Sim City 4 and the Katamari series, and you get a surprisingly addictive game. The game is instantly enjoyable and chaotic: as you drive your pet tornado toward brightly-colored houses and cultivated lawns, havoc ensues. If you’re not the destructive type, you can check out the interesting world-building mode. Creation or destruction, this tornado of a game will easily blow you away.

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8. PileUp

PileUp is a game of quick reflexes and fast thinking. You must arrange a descending trio of multicolored balls before they fall down so that a certain ball sticks to one of the same color. As the name implies, once you pile up a good number of same-colored balls, they pop out, giving you points and bonuses. If the screen gets filled with balls, it’s game over. The game gets more difficult as the game progresses, with the balls coming in more colors and at a faster rate.

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7. Collapse

The difference between Collapse and other puzzle games is that, instead of coming from above, you watch out for pieces emerging below the screen. Pieces with various colors move towards the top, and your goal is to look out for three pieces of the same color and click on them, which would eliminate them and give you points. Once a trio is clicked, however, the remaining pieces rearrange, making the game more challenging.

Collapse is very popular among people with touch-screen phones and PDA’s, where you get to play the game Nintendo DS-style.

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6. Pacman

This timeless arcade game is making it big in the mobile turf as well. Pacman is one of the most beloved video games of all time, and porting it to mobile phones is almost a no-brainer. Still, controlling that familiar yellow rogue never loses its appeal for mobile gamers, especially the young ones who are only discovering Pacman for the first time. Whether chomping on pellets or scampering away from unfriendly ghosts, cell phone gamers of Pacman will find the same thrill and excitement their parents experienced in the game’s arcade version.

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5. Space Impact

Space Impact is one of the earliest shoot-em-ups featured on a cell phone. You accompany Geneva, a space mercenary, on several action-packed campaigns, firing at hostile aliens in both space and planetary terrain. This leads to a final showdown with a gigantic alien boss. Along the way, you pick up various power-ups, containing either special weapons or additional health. This long-running series continues to surprise mobile phone gamers with its gameplay and overall design that stretches the phone’s capabilities to the limit.

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4. Bejeweled

The goal of this “jewel” of a puzzle game is to move the jewels in a way that three jewels of the same color are lined in a row. Once you make it, these jewels disappear, earning you points. This, however, also adds more jewels into the board. The game continues until you can no longer form a row of same-colored jewels.

Bejeweled is especially appealing among office workers and other people with lots of idle time. It became so popular that some offices actually ban this game during office hours. With the emergence of the cell phone version, however, it’s guaranteed that this game will continue to dominate many office cubicles for some time.

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3. Tetris

Who isn’t familiar with this puzzler? Made in the mid-1980s by a Russian programmer named Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris has since conquered the world with it’s simple but highly-addictive game design. Gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master: you control an infinite number of falling “tetrominoes” - each one comprised of four blocks assembled into various shapes - making sure that they fit with previous blocks that have already fallen. Once you fill out a line of tetrominoes, the line disappears and you earn points. The game ends when you can’t fill any lines and the tetrominoes reach the top of the play area.

Tetris is so popular that almost all gaming platforms feature some type of Tetris game, and cell phones are obviously not exempt. The puzzle entering the mobile phone industry ensures Tetris’ continuous appeal to a new generation of players.

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2. Diner Dash

In Diner Dash, you play Flo, a former stockbroker-turned-waitress who operates her own restaurant. You earn points based on your ability to help Flo juggle various activities: seating customers, getting their orders, serving them food, and giving them the bill. When you get enough points, a new restaurant opens, which increases the difficulty of the game.

Initially a highly-popular Internet-based flash game, Diner Dash was ported into mobile phones and quickly became one of the most sought-after downloadable games in the mobile phone market today.

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1. Snake

This cream of the mobile game crop accompanied the Nokia 3210, one of the most popular cell phone models of all time. The year was 1999, and Nokia was planning to reach a wider demographic by adding new features for their phones, like pre-installed games. One of the games included was a Snake port similar to the classic arcade game.

The game lets you control a snake-like creature that roams around the screen, picking up food pellets along the way, while trying to avoid its own tail and the walls bordering the screen. Every time the snake eats the pellets, it gets longer, making the game more difficult.

Snake became an instant success and became one of the factors that made the Nokia 3210 massively popular among teenagers and young adults. Various Snake spin-offs eventually found their way to succeeding Nokia cell phone models, making it a gaming classic and this list’s top habit-forming cell phone game ever.

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Gone are the days when cell phones were used only to send or receive calls. Technology has let these devices evolve into more of a hand-held mini computer equipped with numerous features. The built-in cell phone games feature is certainly one of these added delights that has made the cell phone one of the most useful and fun inventions of the past century.


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