Top 10 Kid-Friendly Pets

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Posted on January 7th, 2008

Dogs are recommended pets for families, because they are good friends for both children and adults. They play with the children, and keep adults company. However, not all dog breeds are ideal for households with children.

Children, especially younger ones, tend to tug on their pet’s tails and abuse them – all in love, of course. Children often cannot control their own strength, and they don’t realize that they’re hurting the dog. Dogs sometimes bite or hurt the children to defend themselves or communicate their discomfort. There are also dogs that unknowingly hurt the children in their playfulness.

There are many good-natured dogs out there, though. These dogs remain playful and gentle despite having children poke and prod them all the time, and tend to be protective of their children companions.

Here is a list of ten perfect pets for families with kids. These kid-friendly dogs will grow with your kids and be their loyal companions for a long time.

10. Maltese

a maltese dog
Two cute Maltese dogs posing for the camera
The Maltese is a very small breed of dog. They are excellent with children, and are good indoor dogs. They tend to be very loving and playful, and can provide your kid with companionship and entertainment. They like to give and receive a lot of attention.

Maltese dogs are harmless and like walking outside, but it’s not a problem if you just want to keep them indoors. The Maltese will stay by your kid’s side no matter what, and will wait for you and your family to come home with excitement. These dogs don’t shed and are easy to take care of, even for kids.

They don’t need a lot of space, and they exercise themselves by being so playful. They will need to be bathed and groomed once a week, but that’s easy and something you can do in a short amount of time.

9. Papillon

a papillon dog
A smal Papillon dog leaping over wood bars
Papillons, like the Maltese, are one of the most popular small dog breeds in America. They are very light, and have high patience for children of any age. They are very gentle and kind, and stay loving even if your kid is rough with pets.

Papillons are easy to take care of because playtime is their main source of exercise. A Papillon will stay by your kid’s side and shower him with affection. The only problem with one is their prodigious shedding.

8. Miniature Dachshund

a miniature dachshund
Small but long, the Miniature Dachshund
Most people know the Dachshund as the Hotdog dog because of its strangely long shape. Its back is very long, while its legs are short. Despite its funny appearance, the Dachshund was used to hunt moles under the ground. This was what they were bred for and it explains their appearance today.

The miniature Dachshund is a small dog, and is great with other dogs. They tend to be stubborn, but are also very adorable. They’ll play with just about anything and everyone, which is good for families with children of diverse ages.

Dachshunds love sleeping next to the kids and being cuddled. They don’t shed much, and are easy to take care of. You only need to bathe your Dachshund about once a month, though you have to watch out for their toenails if you’re keeping them indoors all the time.

The only problem you might face is that they have sensitive backs, so you have to be careful about how your kids pick the dog up.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

a cavalier king charles spaniel
A small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog
The Cavalier is another small dog that’s excellent around kids. It is a well-mannered, dignified breed, and they are usually gentle and patient. Cavaliers are generally quiet dogs, making them good with older kids.

Cavaliers are patient and won’t mind getting tugged and poked by kids. They don’t bite, and the most that they do is snarl a warning if your kid is getting too rough. They love to play and be around children.

Cavaliers are generally easy to take care of, although they do shed. You’ll need to groom them once or twice a week. They should be walked everyday, but playing with them also works as exercise.

6. Beagle

a beagle dog
A cute Beagle wearing a Santa hat
Beagles are small to medium-sized dogs, and are very tolerant with children. They were bred for hunting and fishing, so they are very active dogs. If you have active kids and space for wrestling and romping around, then the Beagle is an excellent choice for you.

Beagles are very playful and friendly towards children and animals. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or in the country, because they can adapt to either environment.

Beagle puppies should be trained early so their tendency to bark and howl can be controlled. Beagles also like digging in the yard, as well as following scents. Beagles require a lot of exercise everyday, but make sure that your Beagle is always on a leash when you walk him. Beagles need only to be groomed once a week.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

a yorkshire terrier
A couple of adorable Yorkshire Terrier pups
The Yorkie is another small dog with an abundance of tolerance for kids. They are playful, affectionate, and love to cuddle. They are friendly with everyone, and tend to be gentle with smaller children. They are tolerant of roughhousing, and tend to warn kids who are playful.

Yorkies are good dogs to grow up with, and remain easy to take care of throughout their lives. They need to be brushed regularly so their fur doesn’t tangle, but they don’t shed and they only need to be walked twice a week.

Yorkies may be a little hard to housebreak at first, but a little effort should do the trick. You’ll get your dog to do his business where you want in no time.

4. Miniature Schnauzer

a miniature schnauzer
A black and white Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature schnauzers are small versions of the large schnauzers, and are related to terriers. Miniature schnauzers are reliable and affectionate dogs, and tend to be very loving towards their owners. They are excellent family pets, especially for families with children.

Miniature schnauzers tend to be stubborn and may bark a lot, but they make great watchdogs and will protect your children from danger. They will stay by your children’s sides and shower them with affection.

Mini Schnauzers do not have fur, but instead have hair. The great thing about them is that they are hypoallergenic and don’t shed at all.

3. Boxers

two boxer dogs
A couple of boxer dogs
Boxers are large working dogs and are known for being playful and active. They are ready to pounce and play with you at the drop of a hat, and are very affectionate. Boxers are great guardians and will be your most loyal best friend. They are gentle towards children, and tend to be ideal playmates for larger kids.

Boxers may look athletic and serious, but they are very goofy and love to have fun. They are also easy to take care of because of their short fur, though they’ll enjoy it if you groom them everyday. Boxers can entertain themselves by running around your backyard, and wrestling with your kids.

2. Collie

a collie dog
Ready to hug: the Collie
When we think of Collies, the first dog that comes to mind is Lassie, the most famous Collie of them all. Collies have been popular ever since Lassie appeared on television and in various books and movies.

Collies are beautiful dogs and are great with kids. They are smart and easy to train, and they are good pets for the family. Collies are will protect your kids and provide them with company all day. They are gentle and loyal animals.

Collies have thick coats, so you will have to brush them regularly. Collies are also big working dogs, so they’ll need a lot of exercise. Walks and runs are fine, but it will be easier for you and more stimulating for your Collie of you teach him to fetch and herd. Collies need a lot of space to run around, but they can adapt well to the city.

1. Golden and Labrador Retrievers

a golden retriever
A Golden Labrador retriever
Retrievers are sporting dogs that are considered the most popular family dogs in America. They are extremely good-natured and fun-loving, and tend to be gentle and loyal dogs. They are extremely patient and can tolerant any child’s poking, prodding, tugging, and roughhousing.

Retrievers are affectionate dogs and love to be around people. They are very active and can keep up with a lot of playful children at a time. They love running around and swimming, which means that you’ll need a large space for them.

Retrievers are said to be puppies forever because of their nature. They need a lot of exercise. You’ll need to brush a Goldie everyday to keep their fur from shedding, but Labradors can do with once-a-week grooming.

Retrievers need a lot of space, but they can adapt to city life as long as you play with them a good bit.

There are many kinds of dogs that fit the personalities of many different people. Families, however, need to think about how their pets will get along with their children. Kid-friendly pets are the best choices for families and individuals both.


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    on 2008-10-22 at 23:31:47

    I am a very proud beagle owner! Just make sure you give it enough room to run for the day and you'll have the best friend ever!

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