Top 10 Best Metal Bands that Germany Bred

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Posted on January 14th, 2008

Metal Bands in Germany

Music is relative in the sense that what is noise to your grandmother may be most relaxing genre of music to you. Sometimes, your grandmother may mistake you for a drug addict, but that is because she wasn’t born in the time when guitar distortion as effects was considered perfect art. Perhaps, she had never been in Germany (Learn how to make music everywhere).

Germany is known to breed world-class metal bands. A lot of countries in the world are recognized for a specific genre, but Germany is popular for being a home to thrash and power metal bands. Here is a list of the top 10 best German metal bands who represent the talented and musically-inclined citizens of Germany.

10. Running Wild

Running Wild
Running Wild rocking their fans
Running Wild started as a speed metal band. Their sound was considered raw. It was not until their third album entitled Under Jolly Roger which was released in 1997 when they finally established a pirate image as their trademark. From this point, Running Wild evolved from raw speed metal sound to power metal. Their lineup was changed for a couple of times over the years but they remained to be the pioneer of pirate metal, spreading such kind of music all over the world.


Running Wild - Conquistadores

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9. Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian
The members of Blind Guardian all together
In Germany, Blind Guardian was at the highest point of the German metal heap for speed and power. Blind Guardian has gained both longevity and commercial success in the field of music. Blind Guardian was first known as Lucifer’s Heritage and is popular today for their epic lyrical themes and genius musicianship. What fans remember about Blind Guardian are the albums Somewhere Far Beyond in 1992 and Imaginations From The Other Side in 1995.


Blind Guardian - Another Holy War

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8. Destruction

While Destruction band was not as popular as thrash brethren Sodom and Kreator, this band has proven that their songs had overcome the test of time. What people remember about Destruction is their album Release From Agony in 1988. This album contained songs with great riffs and was definitely considered a ferocious release. Vocalist Schmier rested from concerts and gigs for a decade, but now he is back promising a stronger Destruction force.


Destruction - Eternal Ban

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7. Grave Digger

Grave Digger
Grave Digger playing in one of their concerts
Grave Digger is famous for the different crunch of its power metal sound. Formed in 1980, Grave Digger’s frontman Chris Boltendahl is the only original member left in the band until today. The band went through a lot of transformations and here it is, staying strong all through the years. Grave Digger is the band who proved to the world that several line up changes do not necessarily need to change the whole image or packaging of the band. The style of Grave Digger’s music leans on epic power/speed metal, coupled with catchy choruses and great melodies. Heart Of Darkness and The Gravedigger remain to be the band’s best releases.


Grave Digger - Excalibur

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6. Accept

Accept performing on stage
Accept’s fifth album called Balls To The Wall which was released in 1983 garnered impressive worldwide attention and commercial success. This is not to say that their albums before Balls To The Wall were not good. In fact, Restless And Wild, an album they released in 1982 was loved by many fans because it was a combination of speed and power. The distinctive vocals and melodies of Accept’s songs are created by no other than front-man Udo Dirkschneider.


Accept - Balls to the Wall

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5. Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray after their succesful concert
Kai Hansen of the band Helloween formed Gamma Ray after leaving the band Helloween. It was Ralf Scheepers who sang for the group for the first few albums, while Kai Hansen played the guitars. For the record, the best album of Gamma Ray was released in 1995 entitled Land of the Free. This was where Kai Hansen resumed in singing. He also released his talents which paved way for his being able to kickstart the speen/power metal to a thread of superiorly-produced albums. Gamma Ray is one of the very lucky few bands who made better albums in their later years compared to the earlier records they made.


Gamma Ray - Send Me a Sign

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4. Helloween

The band Helloween during their concert
A power metal band called Helloween became most popular in the ’80s. This German band became very influential especially to the European group. Their most popular classics are Keeper Of The Seven Keys and Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II along many other excellent albums all through the years.


Helloween - I Can

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3. Kreator

A black and white photo of the band Kreator
The mid 1980s was the time of the band Kreator’s life. This was the year the band rose to prominence. They were considered as one of best metal bands in the world. Kreator is also one of the few most influential and most popular thrash metal band in Europe. l European thrash metal bands. They had a thread of outstanding records like Pleasure To Kill (released in 1986) , Terrible Certainty (released in 1988), Extreme Aggression (released in 1989) and Coma Of Souls (released in 1990). Kreator lied low in the ’90s to prepare for more impressive albums for the next years.


Kreator - Love Us Or Hate Us

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2. Sodom

The band Sodom during one of their concert interview
Sodom is a German band known for its heavy sound they acquired from influences like black and death metal. The career of this band had been topsy-turvy. Tested with many ups and downs, Sodom still managed to create radio hits like Persecution Mania in 1987. They are placed third among the Big 3 Thrash Metal Bands of Germany because of their inconsistency, but they made a name no matter how binding the curves of their career went.


Sodom - One Step Over the Line

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1. Scorpions

The Scorpions all playing guitars
Scorpions is a very popular band and not a lot of people know that the band is from Germany. This metal band has successfully combined longevity and talent. In fact, in the United States, the Scorpions had chart-topping songs in two different decades. They made "Rock You Like A Hurricane" a hit in the ’80s. In the 90s, their song "Winds Of Change" became a popular song all over the world. Their live shows and concerts are always known to be incredible. A lot of people consider Blackout as the best album of this German band, which was released in 1982.


The Scorpions together with the Berlin philarmonic orchestra

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By learning about these metal bands in Germany, you may have noticed that metal music was popular in the said country for a couple of decades now. If your grandmother can’t appreciate it, you dad probably does, and if he does, he surely also know the Top Ten 90s Rock Bands and the Top Ten Most Amazing Rock Bands of All Time. If you’re delighted in reading this article, you’ll surely enjoy learning the Five ways to convince people you’re a rock god.

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