Top Ten Female Celebrities in Bikinis

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Posted on January 4th, 2008

Not all women are blessed with a bikini-perfect body and the required confidence to flaunt it. Lucky are those who have both the body and the confidence. With their beautiful bodies bronzed and tanned by the sun helping to spice up any beachfront, sexy female celebrities in bikinis continue to grace the cover of countless magazines and on two-page spreads.

For this reason, we present this list of the top ten female celebrities who know how to work it in a bikini. They may not be the most beautiful nor the biggest-busted females, but their confidence and bikini-appropriate bodies make them stand out from the rest of the beach crowd.

1) Jessica Alba: World’s Sexiest Beach Babe

Voted as number one in many sexiest and most beautiful lists, Jessica Alba is truly one hot woman. A real water baby, Jessica Alba has been swimming since before she was able to walk, so she definitely knows how to strut in a bikini. At 5’6” and a perfect measurement of 34-24-34, Jessica Alba looks good in any type of bikini—a fact we saw in her “Into the Blue” movie. Along with other credentials, Jessica Alba makes it to the top of many hottest lists around the world, posing in many sexy bikinis for various magazine covers. For this reason, Jessica Alba makes it to the top of this list.


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2) Bond Girl Takes on Bikini: Halle Berry

Halle Berry
Halle Berry from the movie Die Another Day
Oscar winner and Ohio-born beauty Halle Berry is every man’s fantasy. That sexy Bond moment in “Die Another Day,” when Halle Berry walks to the shore wearing a bright orange bikini that accentuates her sexy curves, is on the top of many sexiest movie moments lists. With many movies, awards, and appearances under her sexy belt, this great actress makes second spot on this bikini list.

3) Elle Macpherson: Sports Mags’ Favorite

Towering blonde beauty Elle Macpherson has graced countless Sports Illustrated and other magazine covers throughout her illustrious bikini career. At over six feet tall, Elle Macpherson’s stunningly attractive frame has appeared a record of four times as the cover girl for the bible of bikini bodies, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Nicknamed “The Body,” Elle Macpherson deserves to make top three on this list.


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4) Pamela Anderson: Baywatch Blonde Beauty in Bikini

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson wearing her Baywatch uniform
Cult TV series “Baywatch” has been forever associated with bikini babes, one of whom is Pamela Anderson. This curvy bombshell will forever be associated with beaches and bikinis, thanks to her popularity on the show. While on “Baywatch,” Pamela Anderson graced Playboy covers and other magazine spreads, furthering her sex symbol status. Post-“Baywatch,” this bikini babe shows no signs of slowing down, even as she reaches her 40s. With films and gigs on the horizon, and numerous charities and causes to support, this blonde beauty deserves to take fourth spot.

Although Pamela Anderson was only ranked 4 in this lists, she’s on the top of list on our Top Ten Sexiest Most Famous Rock star Wives.

5) Tough Is Sexy in a Bikini: Jessica Biel

The taught, toned body of actress Jessica Biel has been getting compliments, not to mention magazine cover offers, from the public since she first posed almost nude for a cover of Gear magazine during her teenage years. Perhaps in an attempt to outgrow her wholesome image, Jessica Biel became a Summer Catch from then on. Now a few years later, Jessica Biel has graced a lot more magazine covers and spreads in skimpy bikinis. She takes fifth on this bikini list.


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6) Phoebe Cates: Guilt-free in a Bikini

Phoebe Cates
Phoebe Cates in her swimsuit scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Who can forget that freeze frame scene from teen cult movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” when Phoebe Cates walks up from the pool all wet and wearing a red bikini? Phoebe Cates’ innocent charm with the right hint of naughtiness was what made her truly appealing. Although she never bared her perfect body in less than a bikini, Phoebe Cates has forever captured the fantasies of young and not-so-young boys. Her decision to give up what could have been an amazing career to be a full-time mom to her two children with actor Kevin Kline still does not hamper her place at the sixth spot.

7) Ursula Andress: Sexy Swiss Bombshell

Ursula Andress
Ursula Andress from her james Bond movie
Having appeared in almost 50 films and TV shows, Swiss beauty Ursula Andress makes Swiss chocolate pale in comparison to her sexy bikini scenes. Perhaps her most well-known titillating bikini scene was when she appeared as the first ever Bond girl in 1962’s “Dr. No,” emerging from the Caribbean Sea wearing a sultry white bikini. After posing nude for Playboy in 1965, Ursula Andress has forever changed Bond girl and Playboy standards. For this, Ursula Andress deserves the seventh spot on this list.

8) Bo Derek: The Perfect 10 Bikini Body

Bo Derek
The luscious Bo Derek in her swimsuit
Director Blake Edwards certainly knew what he was doing when he chose Bo Derek to play the lead in a film called “10.” As the stunning, bikini-wearing obsession of a middle-aged man, Bo Derek set the bar higher for men’s bikini-clad women fantasies. Beautifully sexy bikinis and bathing suits paired with braided hair made an otherwise forgettable comedy into a pop culture phenomenon. For this list, we place Bo Derek at the eighth spot.

9) Brigitte Bardot: Why God Created Women

Brigitte Bardot
A black and white photo of Brigitte Bardot
Referred to as the modern times’ “sex kitten,” Brigitte Bardot surely knows what sexual fantasies are made of. Thanks to her role in the movie “…And God Created Woman,” prancing around the South of France wearing barely-there bikinis has become an itinerary for women who want to show off their sexy bodies. With her blonde locks and sexy come-hither looks, bombshell Brigitte Bardot helped put St. Tropez on the map of the world’s top bikini destinations. For these reasons, Brigitte Bardot makes it to the ninth spot on the list.

10) Gabrielle Reece: Sporty and Sexy in a Bikini

Tall American beach volleyball player Gabrielle Reece most certainly knows how to use a bikini and appear sexy while doing so. With her perfect bikini body and successful athletic career, this beauty from Florida State University has appeared on many magazine covers both as a model and as a professional volleyball player. Her nude spread in a 2001 issue of Playboy attests to her strong confidence with her body, earning her the last spot on this list.


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The list above could go on forever, but the top ten female celebrities included have what it takes to be truly called bikini perfect beauties. Love them or hate them, these female celebrities will forever remain in the archives of the world’s sexiest female celebrities in bikinis.

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