Top Ten Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant

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Posted on December 18th, 2007


Bun in the oven, stork delivery, or baby on the way; whatever you would like to call it, pregnancy is always a time for joy and celebration. Indeed, nothing beats the feeling of learning that you will be a mother in months time. This even gets more exciting if this is your first time to be a mom!


Before you get those champagne glasses, it is of course, essential that you let your better half know that you will have his child. But instead of simply telling, why don’t you give this special news to your husband in a creative way? Creatively telling your man that you’re pregnant can add joy and excitement to this already wonderful


Here are the top ten ways to let your honey know that he will be a dad:


10. A very special dinner present


Dinner for two
If you have been married for about two years, chances are you always prepare dinner for your husband. This time however, try to prepare something really special. Cook your husband’s favorite dish or something that he always orders in the restaurant whenever you two celebrate something special.


Remember that gorgeous china ware that you got for your wedding? Get it out of the cabinet and serve your specially cooked dinner in it. Add candles and a bunch of pink and white carnations as the center piece.


Of course, do not forget your present. Wrap that positive pregnancy test in a beautiful pink and blue wrapper.


When you’re husband is already done with his food, present to him your special gift!


9. Say it through paint


Painting the house together
While your husband is at work, make a quick errand to the hardware store. Get a powder pink and blue paint color, some brush, and two cardboards. Paint the two cardboards using the colors and then tape it onto the wall of an extra room.


This is where the fun starts, once your husband gets home, bring him to the extra room. Ask him first which color will look better and then tell him that that room needs a new paint job because it will your new nursery room!


8. Shopaholic Mom


Window shopping
This is plan is great especially if your husband knows that you love shopping! Ask him to go to the mall with you. If he asks you what are you going to buy, just tell him your going to pick up a few clothes because you want to look good for him. When you are already in the mall, pick up few maternity dress and then try it on. Show it to your husband and say “Do I look good in this? I know its still loose, but it will fit me in a few months!”


7. Goodnight Kiss


Goodnight Kiss
A kiss before bedtime
Does your husband always give you a goodnight kiss before he doses off? Well, this time before he bids you goodnight, make sure to tell him to also kiss your baby goodnight and then point at your tummy!


6. Movie time


Watching the movie together
If you two both love watching movies, then this plan is just perfect for your big announcement! Forget action-packed movies or romantic comedy flicks! It’s about time that you create a film that will be in your husband’s number one film of all time!


Using a simple movie maker installed in your computer, make a slide show of you and your husbands favorite photos which ends with your pregnancy announcement. Burn it in a DVD and then tell him you rented a film that you think he’ll love. Pop out a few popcorn and then see how your husband will jump with delight once the movie ends.


5. Grocery list


Just finished with the grocery
You can also use simple or routine activities to creatively tell your husband that he will be a dad soon. How?


Make a grocery list. Include items such as ice creams, non alcoholic beer, decaf coffee, pickles, vitamins, diapers, milk, fruits etc. You can also add parenting magazines or baby food. Give the grocery list to your husband and just see how amazed he will be!


4. Chinese Treat


Fortune Cookie
Reading fortune cookies together
Go to your favorite bakeshop. Ask the baker to make you a personalized fortune cookies. Next, treat your husband out and take him to your favorite Chinese restaurant. Secretly ask the waiter to serve your personalize cookies with your husband’s meal. Your man will surely get a fortune once he cracked the cookie open with the message: “You’ll be a dad in nine months time!”


3. Sexy Mom


Lingerie Shopping
Shopping for lingerie
Who says you can’t be naughty when announcing your pregnancy?


Well, go to lingerie shop and ask them to make a personalized undergarment. Write phrases like “sexy mom” or “hot momma” to announce your upcoming motherhood!


2. Baby Dessert


A sweet reward for you
Cater to your husband’s sweet tooth by giving him a dessert he’ll truly love. At the bottom of a large ice cream bowl, write the words “You’re going to be a dad!” Fill it up with his favorite ice cream and watch his one of kind reaction once he gets down the bowl!


Another idea is to insert a small baby figurine in your husband’s ice cream and serve him the bowl of good news!


1. Propose


A very special moment together
Do you still remember that special day when you’re husband opened the ring box and popped the big question: “Will you marry me?” Well, now it is your turn to propose to him; only this time you get to propose fatherhood!


Take your husband back to the special place where he asked you to marry him. You can even set up a wonderful dinner to make the evening more romantic and memorable.


Surprise your man by kneeling in front of him. Give him a bracelet box containing your positive pregnancy test and then say “Be a Father and make me the happiest woman on earth!”


Regardless whether you announce your pregnancy with surprise, romance, humor, or drama, always remember that the message itself is already special; and there is no doubt that it will be a news that your husband will remember for years.. So good luck and congratulations!


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