Superhero Attack!: The Top Ten Cartoon Super Villains That You Love To Hate

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Posted on January 8th, 2008

super kid
I am a Superhero
Super villains: they’re evil, they’re sinister and they have one goal in mind—either to conquer or destroy the world! That’s why, whenever we watch cartoons, we always boo at the sight of them. Sometimes people hate them so much that they want to turn off the boob tube completely.

We always find ourselves cheering for the superheroes when we watch cartoons, but let’s face it, these shows would be boring without the bad guys. There’s something about their sinister grins, their intimidating costumes and their superpowers that make villains very nasty cartoon characters that we all love to hate. Of course, they do get beaten in the end by the superheroes, but that doesn’t stop us from hating their guts.

Here are top ten villains we see in popular cartoon shows. Which one’s your favorite, and which do you hate the most?

10. The Everliving nemesis: Mumm-Ra

The Evil Mummra
As his saying goes, “Where evil exists, Mumm-ra lives!” This muscular, bandaged villain with glowing yellow eyes is the primary nemesis of the Thundercats, and with his incredible magic powers and the Sword of Plundarr, he causes havoc on the Third Earth.

Together with his loyal dog Ma Mutt, Mumm-Ra uses clerical and arcane magic to create a rag-tag assortment of villains to test the heroes’ skills. This cunning character is a servant of the Ancient Spirits of Evil. By doing their evil intentions, he became immortal.

Although the Thundercats always defeat him and his minions in battle, Mumm-ra cannot be killed. He just goes back to his Sarcophagus in his pyramid to regenerate. Even so, this character has two weaknesses. The first is he has a limited stamina, which means he often has to return to his pyramid. Second, he cannot stand looking at his own reflection. When he catches a glimpse of himself in a mirror, he reverts to his mummy form and goes back to the pyramid.

9. Ninja versus ninja: Shredder

He’s the most evil and menacing figure that challenges the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Appearing as an armored ninja with metal spikes on the back of his arm, and a mask that covers half his face, leaving only his eyes visible, this cunning villain hatches evil plans to cause trouble for the Turtles. He also has impressive fighting skills that can be rivaled only by Master Splinter.

Shredder has two mutant henchmen, Bebop the warthog, and Rocksteady the rhinoceros, to do his evil plans. Unfortunately for him, these two often commit blunders that result in Shredder’s schemes blowing up in his face.

8. Super Adversary: Brainiac

Brainiac battling Superman
He’s one of the most important adversaries that made life difficult (and exciting) for Superman. A green-skinned and bald-headed humanoid, he is one of the most intelligent superhero nemeses ever to exist in the cartoon world. With his super-advanced mind, he is able to create and control computer systems, possess other beings, and exert control over time and space.

Like Superman, Brainiac is an alien. When his planet was destroyed, he traveled to Earth and started shrinking cities, hoping to take them back with him to rebuild his home. In some cartoon episodes, he also collaborated with Lex Luthor with the hopes of defeating Superman.

7. Classy, But Evil: The Penguin

the penguin
The Penguin
Not all Penguins are cute and adorable. Wearing his top hat, monocle and tuxedo, he executes his evil plans to bring havoc to Gotham City and to challenge Batman. His freaky attitude, signature evil laugh and his devious schemes make him a villain that any Batman fan loves to hate.

Originally known as Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the Penguin was from a refined and distinguished family, but because of taunts about his obese and short “penguin-like” appearance, he became an outcast and turned to a life of evil instead.

The Penguin uses a number of deadly trademark umbrella attacks, usually involving grenades, bullets and other explosives blasting off from the tip. He’s also known as a “criminal genius” and has numerous underworld connections that he uses against Batman.

6. Femme Fatale: Poison Ivy

posoin ivy
Poison Ivy and Harkey Quinn
Sexy and cool are words to describe the perfect woman. Add the word evil, and you’ve got a description for the perfect super villainess.

Poison Ivy, with her charming looks, her mesmerizing eyes and her deadly attacks, is one of Batman’s main adversaries using toxins and plants to spread evil in Gotham city.

Poison Ivy was known as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, an intelligent botanist. After surviving an attempt on her life, she found that she had acquired immunity to natural diseases and toxins. The toxins resided in her body and gave her unusual but highly useful abilities.

Poison Ivy’s weapon is her kiss. She has the ability to create various powerful plant-based and animal-based toxins that she transfers to her enemies through a kiss. Poison Ivy can also manipulate plants, such as using roots and vines for weapons.

5. The symbiotic arch-enemy: Venom

Venom as he chases Spiderman
Venom is not an actual individual. Rather, this evil creature is a liquid-like sentient alien that clings itself to a human host for it to survive. In turn, this entity gives superhuman abilities to the host. In fact, the abilities it gives are the same as Spiderman’s, since he was the first person possessed by Venom. When Spiderman rejected Venom, the alien symbiote attached itself to Eddie Brock.

Venom is well-know for his black appearance, similar to that of Spiderman, except for his large, gaping mouth and his protruding, slimy-looking tongue.

4. Superman’s Equal: Doomsday

The Death of Superman
He’s the monster who brought upon the death of Superman. Next to Lex Luthor, Doomsday is perhaps the Man of Steel’s worst adversary. With his superhuman strength, extreme stamina and his ability to self-evolve to make himself immune to previous attacks, he’s considered one of the strongest and most dangerous villains in superhero cartoons.

Ironically enough, Doomsday also originated from Krypton, long before the Kryptonian race dominated the planet. A product of cloning, Doomsday was created by a mad alien scientist named Bertron, who then wished to make an ultimate life form. He took a baby, and repeatedly killed it, using and reusing the remains to produce a stronger version. Enduring the torture of pain and death, which were recorded as memories in his genes, Doomsday hates all life.

3. Mean and green: The Green Goblin

He soars high above the busy city streets, riding his bat-shaped glider while cackling and terrorizing frightened citizens. This is how everyone who’s ever watched Spiderman pictures the notorious Green Goblin.

green goblin
The Green Goblin
Combining his superhuman abilities with high-tech weapons, the Green Goblin’s main plan of action is to Spiderman. He is the most frightful, most distinguished and the deadliest foe of the wall-climbing hero.

The Green Goblin’s mask has been taken up by many people, but the most well-know is the rich industrialist, Norman Osborn. When he drank a serum that granted him superhuman strength it also caused him to lose his mind, creating the Goblin alter-ego.

Aside from his highly-advanced weapons, and armor, he also possesses superhuman strength, quick reflexes and enhanced intelligence. No wonder Spiderman finds it difficult to defeat this villain.

2. Acting for the good of mutantkind: Magneto

Of the numerous villains in the X-Men series, no one can compare to the prowess and popularity of this mutant. Known for his power of magnetism, Magneto is often portrayed wrecking havoc and getting in the way of the X-Men. He often engages in acts of terrorism, with an uncompromising, harsh demeanor.

His power to move things
Even so, he greatly believes that everything he does is for the benefit of mutants all over the world. He works alongside other powerful mutants and battles mankind.

The most distinguishable power of Magneto is his ability to create magnetic fields to move things anything that is magnetic. He can also sometimes produce electricity, light and heat. Magneto is resistant to the telepathic attacks of other mutants, such as Professor X and Jean Grey.

1. The evil “Clown”: The Joker

He might look like a clown, but he’s far from amusing. Any cartoon fanatic will immediately recognize him with just one sight of his white face, green hair and evil grin.

The worst enemy of Batman
The Joker surpasses all super villains in terms of popularity. Known as the archenemy of Batman, this violent psychopath gets a kick out of murdering people, committing crimes and playing malicious, evil tricks. He’s also very clever and slippery, which are traits that help him get out of tight spots, and cheat death.

The Joker does not have any unique special abilities, except perhaps for his high intelligence. Ranging from acid spewing flowers, electric joy buzzers, deadly “Joker venom” and his popular, razor-sharp playing cards, the Joker’s “toys” are his arsenal.

They may be mean, evil and annoying, but cartoon villains certainly bring the excitement to any cartoon show. Watch out for these top ten cartoon villains and their antics, and you’ll definitely find yourself having a great time! Happy viewing!


These bad guys certainly sent chills to the spines of those kids who tuned into their televisions on weekends. But they were not alone! Comics played almost as much a part in our childhood as cartoons and the worst of the worst villains of all are immortalized in our list of Top Ten Comic Book Villains.

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