Top Ten Beaches To Wear A Bikini: In Search For a Sandy Paradise

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Posted on December 13th, 2007

Nothing beats spending a wonderful, sun-filled day at the beach. Many people swear by the delight of chilling out on the shore and admiring the sun rising and setting, frolicking in cool, comforting ocean water, or engaging in water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, or diving. Aside from the usual great fun associated with the going to the beach, beach fashion has also gained quite a following. Wearing a bikini on the beach has become an attraction for both beach and non-beach lovers.

Scattered all over the world are the best beaches to strut while wearing a bikini. Beautiful bodies that are bronzed and tanned by the sun give additional spice to any beach front. As the popularity of going to the beach as an ultimate getaway increases, the use of bikinis has increased as well. If you want to know about the best beaches to have the sun kiss your bikini-clad body, then read this list.

1. Be The Girl from Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio has many jaw-dropping beaches that attract millions of tourists yearly. Brazil would not be called a beach capital if it didn’t boast the world’s best beaches and tanned, exotic bikini-wearing men and women. Ipanema, immortalized by songs and poems, is framed by golden white beaches complimented by clear blue water. Golden bodies parade their bikinis on Ipanema’s shores, posing and partying from sun-up ’till sun-down.

2. The Best Tropical White Sand Paradise—Boracay, Philippines

The Philippines is home to many beautiful beaches, where bikini-wearing locals and tourists from all over the world head out to for the best getaway. The most popular white sand beaches known the world over are found in Boracay, in the province of Aklan. Boracay is the best beach to be for a fun time with family, friends, or lovers. Engage in all the water sports and activities that the resorts offer, or just simply lie on the sand, lather your skin with tanning oil and get that Boracay tan, with or without tan lines. You can watch in awe as the sun sets over the horizon while listening to chill music, and then party the night away once it gets dark. All day long, you can wear your in bikini (or not!). In Boracay, anything and everything is possible—just as long as you imbibe that peaceful island vibe.

White Beach Bora
Bora Bora

3. Experience Miami, Florida, USA

Mention Miami to any tourist and you will elicit a variety of delightful remarks. With its cultural diversity and golden sands, Miami is the perfect beach destination for younger tourists. The art-deco line walks of South Beach are intensified by neon lights at night, making the experience surreal. As if that is not enough, beautiful bodies casually stroll in bikinis on the beach, attracting whatever extra attention you might have. In Miami, it is the people, not climate nor landscape, that is unique. Sultry heat and high humidity are the best excuses for wearing a bikini all day long. So when it comes to bikini-clad people watching, the beaches of Miami are your best bet.

Miami Beach
South Beach Miami

4. Tequila on the Sand? Only in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun was a fishing village with a population of about one hundred people during the early 1970s. Today, it is a booming city with more thanone million residents and twice the number of tourists. Geographically close to Miami, Cancun is a beach fun paradise for the hip, young, and adventurous. If you are in the mood for tequila on the sand while getting your skin bronzed, and rubbing elbows with the hippest celebrities and socialites, then head over to Cancun. Whether you are in search of a spring break ultimate destination, or in the mood to party at the beach all summer long, Cancun is your best choice. Pack your skimpy bikinis as you are sure to be part of the hippest beach crowd.

The Beach in Cancun

5. Bikini Baring with the Stars: Los Angeles, California, USA

California is the place to be if you want to see beaches that are filled with Hollywood (and Hollywood-wannabes) stars, hot surfer guys, and sexy, tanned women. Venice Beach, a Bohemian playground, is the hang out of hunky body-builders, tough roller-bladers and Baywatch-worthy bikini beauties. For surfer’s paradise, you can go to Malibu; and for all out bikini-clad people watching, Manhattan beach is the perfect spot. Pack your sexy, eye-catching bikinis then make your way to LA.

Cali Beach
Laguna Beach

6. Be Sexy and Steamy in Mallorca, Spain

For steamy hot fun, go to the beaches of Mallorca, Spain. Groove to sexy Balearic sounds while soaking up the sun, or sip a cool fruit juice while watching the bronzed bodies strut in bikinis. Laze in a hammock wearing a bikini while reading a book or listening to your iPod. You can also stroll on the beach and feel the cool breeze, or lie on the sand face down while getting a massage—you get the picture. For perfect relaxation, pack your bikinis and tanning oil, then hit the beaches of Mallorca.

mallorca Bach
Son Maties baech

7. Cool, Mate: Beachin’ and Surfin’ in Sydney, Australia

Home to the many of the world’s best surfers, Australia is one country that has many beautiful beaches to boast about. One of its cities with the prettiest beaches is Sydney—from Bondi to Bronte, you will see dozens of hunky male surfers and hot female surfers sharing the waves with dolphins. The clear blue waters of the Pacific, the best surfing waves, and the golden view of the sun make Australia a beach lover’s paradise. When heading out to Australia’s wonderful beaches, be sure to pack your most colorful bikinis. Flaunt your tanned body and be part of the coolest surfing crowd.

Sydney beach
Bondi Beach

8. Sand, Sun, Sea, Pleasure: Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Stunning white sands against the deep blue Aegean sea make Mykonos heaven on earth. True to its name, Paradise beach is a blissful getaway destination. Unlike other beaches that are quiet and calm, Paradise beach is lively and fun. With the many club playing dance tunes and the bikini-clad bodies dancing wildly to the beat, you know that you are truly in pleasure paradise. While waiting for the sun to set and the real fun to begin, soak up the sun and give your body the golden tan fit for a Greek god or goddess. Lounge about in the sand, listen to music, and check out the Greek hotties. Of course, do not forget to do all these in your paradise-worthy bikini.

The Lil venice in Mykonos

9. Couture Bikini? Oui, in Paris, France

Paris, the place, not the blond actress/model, is known for class and haute couture. For just about any aspect of life, Paris has the fashionable answer. Of course, Parisian swimwear is as fashionable as any other couture line. With the banks of the Seine transformed into a beach called the Paris Plage, bikini swimwear has become more couture than ever. If you prefer wearing high fashion bikinis, then the Paris Plage is the best place to be seen. All you’ll want to do is lie on the sand, or a pretty beach chair, and under a parasol. Do not forget your couture bikini, of course.

Trouville Beach

10. Sun-Soaked, Royal Style: Plage de Tahiti, St. Tropez

Your bikini baring beach adventure will not be complete without a visit to the Mediterranean. Head on out to sun-kissed St. Tropez, a quite beach town that used to be a sleepy fishing village, and complete your beach itinerary. A choice destination for the rich and famous who prefer to enjoy the sun and sand exclusively, Plage de Tahiti is an irresistible spot on the French Riviera. Be chic in your bikini while soaking up the sun, or be cool in your own exclusive yacht. For the ultimate beach lounging and late-night partying experience, first class, pack your designer suitcase, fill it with designer bikinis, then book that flight to St. Tropez.

The Black Beach

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