All The Good Reasons: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love

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Posted on December 28th, 2007


deeply inlove
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”


This is a famous line from the romantic musical film Moulin Rouge. Yes, there is nothing in this world that feels better than being in love. It is the most amazing feeling that you will ever have. If what this quote says is not enough reason for you, here’s ten more.


10. It makes you better-looking.


happy together
The best smiles
This is not a joke. Believe it or not, falling in love can really make you look a lot better. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t care about physical appearance, fall in love and see how you will change. When you’re in love, you will always try to look your very best not just to impress the one you love but also to feel good about yourself. You feel conscious about your outfit, your hair and your movements.


Even when you don’t exert any effort in improving your appearance, love really brings something magical to its victims. When people are in love, they smile a lot. There is a certain glowing aura that people in love emit that radiates happiness.


9. It makes you nicer.


Work buddies
How can you be mean to people around you when there is someone who makes every minute of your life ecstatic? When people are in love, they tend to focus on their feelings for that lucky person and not pay much attention to other things, much less the things that make our blood reach the boiling point. And because there is someone who makes us smile every time, it is hard to frown and make other people’s lives miserable. We tend to forget our bitter past and our plans of revenge for the future because what matters is the present.


8. It makes you richer.


It doesn’t mean that you should marry Donald Trump or some other billionaire.

Lots of money
(But why not?) Even if you fall in love with an average guy, you have more chances of getting rich. This is because you are more inspired to work and you have another reason to work hard. Intentionally or unintentionally, you will find yourself doing your job a little less exhausting because the feeling of going home to someone you love keeps you through the day in such a way that you don’t realize how much work you have done. This is true. Studies have shown that individuals in long-term committed relationships earn more than those who stay single. So if you want to get rich, fall in love.


7. It makes you healthier.


When you’re in love, you care about yourself.

Getting his blood pressure
It’s not just physical appearance, it’s your overall well-being including your health. If you used to ignore that migraine you’ve been enduring for years, when you’re in love, there is a high chance that you will call your doctor for an appointment and schedule a check-up. You might even undergo tests that you have been putting off for the longest time, like mammograms and PSAs. When you’re in love, there is an intense urge to care for your health because you want to live long - because you have good reason to. You want to live long not just for yourself but also for that special someone.


6. It makes you mushier.


Sweet time together
There’s nothing wrong with being mushy. It only means that you are sentimental and emotional. It also means that you care about how other people feel, especially the person you are in love with. If you have always thought that the lines uttered in those romantic movies are stupid, you will be surprised to find yourself in one, saying those mushy lines. It is alright. There is nothing unmanly about expressing how you feel and letting your significant other know how important he or she is to you. Being mushy is not a crime.


5. It makes you stronger.


Strong man
A Strong man
Although it can also make you weaker in certain ways, falling in love makes you stronger both physically and emotionally. People in love want to try to be strong for themselves and those they care for.They will do and endure anything to protect the person they love and give them what he or she wants. When you are sick, you want to get better fast so you can enjoy more time with him or her. People in love become stronger so that they can catch their loved ones when they fall and lift them when their down.


Being strong can also be interpreted in another way. Some people can take all the pain that love brings just so they don’t lose the ones they love. Even when they are hurt by factors ranging from differences to family, they choose to stay in the relationship because they are strong enough and they know that it will pass. Love is not easy to let go. If we can keep it, we will. Love is like that. It’s pleasure and pain rolled into one and it takes a lot of strength. Love is not for the weak-hearted.


4. It makes you wiser.


Wise man
Thinking about his sweetheart
Being in a relationship is not all about sunshines and rainbows. There are bad, depressing moments, too. Although it is not a good reason to fall in love, it is not a reason not to, either. In fact, mistakes are essential in love. Each mistake teaches you something important. Every time you make a mistake, you learn. And every time you learn, you become wiser. This enables you not to make the same mistakes again. Being wise means growing up. And it takes adults to be in a relationship.


3. It makes you more responsible.


On his way to work
If your life is in disarray, you will set everything straight when you’re in love. You will find a good job because you think of your future together. You will take good care of your finances. You will fix your relationship with your family. You will forget about your unfinished business with your exes. You will even clean your room, which you haven’t done since you hit puberty. When you’re in love, your life develops a sense of direction.


2. It makes you more creative.


When you’re in love, you think of new ways to take your loved one’s breath away.

Baked cookies
Delicious cookies
You cannot do things over and over again or you will both get tired. You will be forced to come up with new, refreshing ways of saying “I love you,” of celebrating anniversaries, of letting him or her know how you feel. In some cases, people find themselves learning or trying to do things new to them like writing songs or baking. The funny part is, you don’t complain because you enjoy doing it. It’s weird, but you really do.


Another way of being creative is when he or she asks you where you have been last night. Yeah, that will really squeeze all the creative juices out of you.


1. It makes you happier.


When you’re in love, you will never find yourself alone. You already have a partner to do things with and it’s not just sex. Yes, sex makes people happy but it’s more than that.

Happy person
Wearing his happy face
Simple activities can become fantastic when you do them with someone, especially with the one you truly treasure. These things will make you happy and it will show big time. You’ll be surprised that you will see yourself smiling and laughing all the time. You think about him or her, you smile. You see him or her walking, you smile. You see him or her trip on her toe, you smile. When you’re in love, you always think positively.


You can think of a million reasons not to, but if you can find good reason to fall in love, do yourself a favor and don’t suppress the feeling. Any one of the items mentioned above is enough reason to experience the beautiful thing called love. Combine all the reasons and it will only tell you one thing: Falling in love makes you a better person.


The truth is, you don’t need a reason to fall in love. In fact, when you’re in love you don’t ask yourself why you love someone because you will never find an answer that will suffice. You just fall. Why you love someone doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do. Reason has nothing to do with love, and that is one of the greatest things you will ever learn.


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