Top 10 Greeting Cards for Different Life Occasions

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Posted on December 26th, 2007


With so many greeting cards available, what better way is there to say what you truly mean? Greeting cards are made for different occasions, different situations and different people. So what are you waiting for? Our top 10 list of greeting cards for different life occasions awaits.


10. Birthday Greeting Card


Happy Birthday
A birthday card is the perfect way to send a loved one a nice message on their special day? If you can’t be there, at least make up for it by sending the celebrant all your best thoughts and wishes. Nothing beats a warm message from a loved one to make the occasion distinct and memorable from past birthdays and those yet to come. Traditionally, birthday greeting cards are sent by mail. American Greetings and Hallmark Cards are two of the best in this category. The Internet, however, has paved the way for electronic greeting cards (e-cards) to replace this traditional method.


9. Anniversary Greeting Card


With Love
What better way to spend your anniversary than to adorn your loved one with anniversary greeting cards? Say what you truly feel with these creative wonders. Can’t be there to spend the night with your wife or husband? Cat still got your tongue even after all these years? An anniversary greeting card might just save you the cost of dinner. Almost all anniversary greeting cards come with a love phrase or note, and it’s up to you to decide which one you feel best says what you want to say. We guarantee—you can’t go wrong with an anniversary greeting card: by lovers, for lovers.


8. Hanukkah Greeting Card


Happy Hanukkah
The perfect way to commemorate the dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem is to send gifts and trinkets along with a Hanukkah greeting card. The Hanukkah tradition is celebrated for eight consecutive days, and just to deviate from the norm, it’s not such a bad idea to send one for each day. Old-style paper Hanukkah greeting cards are, of course, still the best, but you can always send a Hanukkah greeting e-card if in case you don’t get the time to go down to the store to buy one.


7. Graduation Greeting Card


You did it
A hand-picked greeting card can be a touching way to celebrate a student’s graduation. On the occasion when life makes it too difficult to attend a loved one’s graduation ceremony, try to make up for it with a special greeting card to complement this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. There are graduation greeting cards available for all levels of graduation: primary, high school, and college. High school and college greeting cards seem to be the most common, but you can also buy customized graduation greeting cards if you feel like it.


6. Thank You Greeting Card


Thank you
Thank you so much
There are many ways to express your gratitude, and one of the best is by way of a Thank You greeting card. There are a lot of things in life we ought to be thankful for, and one of them is the invention of the "Thank You" greeting card. Some are better with words, some say “Thank you” through their actions, but none are more expressive than a greeting card presented at just the right time. Say thank you to your mom for that wonderful dinner, to your pop for fixing your bicycle, to your school bus driver for driving safely and to your teacher for being patient. The list of people who deserve a simple "Thank You" each day goes on and on.


5. Get Well Greeting Card


Get well
Get well soon
Sometimes the best way to help someone feel better is with a Get Well greeting card. Get Well greeting cards are some of the most popular and most widely available type of greeting cards on the market. Who’s to blame? Everyone gets sick, and as long as someone is sick, there’s a chance someone will go out and buy a "Get Well" greeting card. A simple “Get Well Soon” or “I’m Praying For Your Quick Recovery” will do your friend or loved one a lot of good. As usual, American Greetings and Hallmark Cards are still king when it comes to "Get Well" greeting cards.


4. Romantic Greeting Card


I Love You
Why say “I love you” when you can say it with a romantic greeting card? Love waits for no occasion. Anniversary or not, Valentines Day or not, your loved one deserves to be told how much he or she means to you, and no romantic rendezvous is complete without a chance to write good poetry, a love phrase or a line from a romantic greeting card to wrap up the evening. If Get Well greeting cards are bestsellers, then romantic greeting cards are blockbusters. They sell really well all year round. Recently, romantic e-cards have become popular for a reason, but they’re still not as close to the heart as your good old traditional paper greeting card.


3. Christmas Greeting Card


Merry Christmas
What better way to spend the most wonderful time of the year than to send and receive a Christmas greeting card? Common greetings include “Merry Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings”, but you can make it extra special by incorporating greeting phrases of your own. You can either add your own greetings underneath the canned message, or you can buy a blank Christmas greeting card and start from scratch. Blank Christmas greeting cards are relatively easy to find if you know where to look. If the local stores doesn’t have them, you can always take a look around the Internet for made-to-order greeting cards.


2. Baby Shower Greeting Card


Baby Shower
Its a baby BOY
What better way to celebrate a baby shower party than to adorn the expectant parents with baby shower greeting cards? Baby showers are one of the most important events you could ever attend, and definitely one of the most memorable in the life of any parent. Cake happens to be one of the most traditional types of food served at baby showers, so why not make it extra special by sending a baby shower greeting card along with a cake? These days, a baby shower greeting e-card is a generally accepted replacement for an actual card.


1. I’m Sorry Greeting Card


Im so sorry
Sometimes, the only way to apologize is through an I’m Sorry greeting card. If there’s a Thank You greeting card, then definitely there’s a card for saying “I’m sorry” or “Let’s forgive and forget”. I’m Sorry greeting cards aren’t as common as the average birthday card or Get Well Soon card, but you can always put in the extra effort by making your own I’m Sorry greeting card. It’s the effort that counts. You can look around on the Internet for I’m Sorry greeting e-cards to send through email.


Here are some other examples of popular greeting cards: wedding greeting cards, condolences greeting cards, Happy New Year greeting cards, and more. All these are available in the form of e-cards as well.


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