Top Ten Sexual Positions

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Posted on July 17th, 2008

Sex is not just about making babies. If you have to spend time making love with the woman of your dreams, you have to make the experience pleasurable and exciting. You may have tried kinky foreplay, but the real joy of sex comes with the act itself. Sexy lingerie, French maid uniforms, the songs of Barry White, or even a bit of S&M thrown in will not work if you stick with the missionary position. Here are 10 of the most titillating, arousing, and mind-blowing sexual positions you can try for a steamy night in bed:
10. Masters and Johnson

The Masters and Johnson technique is also called the “lateral coital position.” In a famous study made by William Masters and Virgina Johnson in the 1960s, they discovered that premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions is partially caused by having too little support on the body during sex. The Masters and Johnson technique is a modified version of the woman-on-top missionary position. Instead of the woman pinning her weight on her partner, both remain fully supported by the bed. It also means a fuller range of pelvic motion, which results to more satisfying sex.
9. Reverse Spoon

Tired of the old spooning technique? Like many things in life, the spoon position becomes more exciting when you do it backwards. To perform the reverse spoon, you still need to lay on your sides, although instead of pressing your back against your partner, you will have to pin your body against your partner’s legs. The man will then penetrate the woman upside-down. While tangling your bodies in a knot may sound complicated, the Reverse Spoon allows a few extra inches of penetration in a position that will blow your partner away.
8. Bend Over Backwards

Too tired to get into bed? Maybe you want to get rowdy in some other place, like the sofa. At first, the living-room sofa may not sound like a good place to have sex. A neat trick is for the woman to bend over backwards on the arm of the sofa, and prop up her leg on the sofa’s backrest. The man can then penetrate the woman from this alluring, stimulating position.
7. Lap-Dancing Cowgirl

Almost everyone has tried the Cowgirl before, but the Lap-Dancing Cowgirl combines all the benefits of the woman-on-top position with the arousing and stimulating effect of a good old-fashioned lap dance. To perform the Lap-Dancing Cowgirl, the man sits on a comfy yet sturdy chair, while the woman mounts her from the front. The neat thing about the Lap-Dancing Cowgirl is that penetration is easily controlled by the woman. For maximum pleasure and arousal, the man should dress up in cowboy boots, while the woman gets it on with open leather chaps and a cowboy hat. You can also have sex to the tune of country music and old-style blues.
6. Standing Tall

The Kama Sutra calls the standing position the “suspended congress,” but it has nothing to do with power-hungry politicians. Standing may sound like an uncomfortable and unwieldy position to have sex, but this is perfect for cramped spaces like the shower stall. The man leans back against the wall, while the woman grasps him around the neck for support. For extra balance, the man grips the woman by the legs. You just let gravity do the work for you. You can make the standing position really sensuous if you do it under a hot shower.
5. The Snow Plow

The Snow Plow is the ultimate turn-on for those who like deep penetration. The sexual position is a modified version of the missionary position, and is a great way to warm the body up on those cold, snowy days. To do the Snow Plow, the woman lies on the bed and raises her legs up to her head. The man then proceeds to mount the woman from this position. In a 1972 sex manual entitled “The Joy of Sex” by Dr. Alex Comfort, this position was called the “Viennese Oyster.” A change of name, like a change in sexual positions, is a good thing.
4. The Lazy Dog

Too tired to get up from a night of cuddling? The Lazy Dog is a come-from-behind sexual technique that emphasizes slow, sensual, romantic thrusting motions. The position is a more romantic and less intense take on Doggy Style, which is great for those mornings where you’re just too groggy for full-on intensity. The Lazy Dog also gives you a lot of freedom of movement to experiment with thrusts and hip motions.
3. The Splitter

Female gymnasts, athletes and dancers can maximize their talents for mind-blowing sexual positions. Most men cannot do the splits, but many women find no problems doing so. The Splitter is a perfect sexual acrobatic move for partners looking to spice up their sexual experience. There are many ways to modify the Splitter. The Side-Saddle Split is a front split executed with the woman facing the side. The Straddle Split can be a very alluring take on the traditional Cowgirl. If the woman is really flexible and athletic, you can really achieve those mind-blowing orgasms using Twisting Splits.
2. The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly is a very popular position in the Kama Sutra, because it emphasizes sensuality. The Butterfly maximizes pelvic contact, which results in a more aroused and mind-splitting sexual experience. A unique take on the Cowgirl, the Butterfly position lets the woman lay back, while she controls the tempo and depth of penetration. The position also gives the man a good view of his partner, and he can also reciprocate with some well-timed hip movements.
1. Deep Impact

For that full-on, mind-blowing, most awesome orgasm that you thought existed only in dreams, the Deep Impact stays true to its name. The woman lies with her legs hanging from the edge of the bed, as the man penetrates her either by pulling her legs toward his body, or by carefully positioning the legs to a straddle split. The Deep Impact combines all the benefits of gravity, motion, and penetration into one complete, sexy, amazing sexual position that’s sure to be one of your favorites. Like the movie of the same name, the Deep Impact is sure to be a collision between Heaven and Earth.


There you have it, 10 sexual positions that are sure to break you out of your sexual rut. Remember that all of these sexual positions will not work without love, care, and genuine passion. If you enjoyed reading this article, might as well read how to last longer in bed.


* No matter what position you choose when having sex, you can add thrill, passion, and energy into sex by learning the Four unusual places to have sex. Just make sure to stay safe, protected, and enjoy the feeling of total sexual satisfaction.


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